Why is the English bulldog such a popular and universally-loved British dog?

Why is the English bulldog such a popular and universally-loved British dog?

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The English bulldog is potentially the most easily recognisable dog breed within the UK, although the appearance of different bulldogs can vary considerably! While we think of the English bulldog’s appearance as being hugely muscular, very flat-faces and practically square in build, many breeders today are attempting to recreate the old-style bulldog appearance, which is taller, less flat-faced and generally less likely to suffer from health problems.

But why is the English bulldog so well loved and popular, and what is it that people love about them so much? In this article, we will attempt to find out, so keep reading to learn more about the breed’s most popular traits!

They’re so British!

As mentioned, the English bulldog is the ubiquitous British dog breed, and to many the bulldog is a symbol of National pride. This makes them popular mascots and companions alike, and means that often even people who don’t really like dogs that much have a soft spot for them.

They are good guard dogs

The English bulldog is really not to be messed with when they decide that you are doing something that you shouldn’t be, and as such, they make for excellent guard dogs and watch dogs. It would be pure folly to try to get past a bulldog that doesn’t feel that you should be doing whatever it is that you want to do!

They are reasonably hard to breed

The English bulldog is not usually able to deliver their young naturally, due to the sheer size of their heads and necks. Coupled with the fact that bulldogs tend to have small litters-often only one or two puppies at a time-this means that they are also reasonably costly to buy, and so, comparatively scarce.

This scarcity means that demand for the breed naturally increases, as those that would like to own one might have to save up or wait for some time to find a viable choice.

Their appearance is adorable

As mentioned above, few breeds are as easy to identify as the English bulldog, and their appearance is truly unique and very distinctive. They are hugely muscular and strong as well as being fairly short and square in shape, with that signature squashed face!

However, because today’s selective breeding has led to a range of health issues within the breed-such as the inability to deliver without caesarean section in most cases, as well as potential skin problems and breathing difficulties-not all English bulldogs follow this trend.

Today, a lot of people prefer the old-style appearance of the bulldog, which has longer legs, a less flat face and generally, better health, the English bulldog is becoming a viable pet for ever-more different types of people.

They are very stoical

When a bulldog sits down and doesn’t want to move, the only way you will be able to shift them is by physically lifting them-and good luck with that! They can be very stoical and stubborn, and if they decide that they don’t want to do something, they simply won’t-which means that you might spend a lot of time convincing your bulldog that whatever it is that you want them to do is really a great idea!

They are highly affectionate

When it comes to canine couch potatoes that love company, think they are great lapdogs and that will shower you with love and affection, you would have to go a long way to beat the English bulldog.

They are highly affectionate and loving dogs that are often highly unaware of their own strength, and are generally very gentle if a little clumsy! Once a bulldog bonds with a child they will tolerate all sorts of nonsense from them and will also protect them strongly in the face of any perceived threat.

They do not need masses of exercise

All dogs need exercise in order to allow them the chance to socialise and stretch their legs, as well as keeping them fit. But different types of dogs do of course have highly variable different exercise levels, and the bulldog is way down near the bottom of the list in terms of how lively they are.

A moderate speed half hour walk once or twice a day is perfectly fine for the English bulldog, but this is really important in order to help the dog’s weight under control and prevent later problems.

They are the most loyal breed!

Finally, when it comes to loyalty, you would have to go a long way to beat the English bulldog, whatever yardstick you use to measure things by. They are very simple in terms of what they like and don’t like, and when they have established who they like and what their territory is, they will stick by them for life without wavering.

If you are looking for a dog and have your heart set on an English Bulldog, you can view our Bulldogs for Sale page.



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