Why Snakes Make Great Pets

Why Snakes Make Great Pets

If you are undecided about what kind of pet you might like to keep and find yourself drawn to the reptile section of the pet store, you might like to consider keeping a snake as a pet. Keeping a snake isn’t for everyone, and if you like the idea of snakes but have never handled one, it is of course important to build up your knowledge and decide whether you are really willing to handle a pet snake and deal with their feeding requirements.

Snakes are relatively low maintenance, interesting and tactile to handle, as well as being very educational to have around if you have kids.

So, not sure if a pet snake is the right pick for you? Here are ten reasons why snakes make excellent pets.

Snakes are not difficult to keep

Any exotic animal such as a reptile or even a marine fish tank often causes non-keepers to assume that the care of the animal in question must be very complex, and require years of learning and experience. However, snakes are not difficult pets to keep at all, and providing that you do your research and ensure that you have everything that you need, the daily and weekly care required of snakes is not difficult at all.

Snakes are not time consuming

Snakes need a great deal less time and attention than other pets such as cats and dogs, and providing that you meet all of their needs, you should find them low maintenance and not liable to take up a lot of your time.

Take care of their feeding, weekly tank cleaning and a daily clear up, and your snake will be happy.

Keeping a snake is not expensive

The purchase price of any given snake can vary considerably, depending on their age, size and species. However, the regular care and kit required for a snake is not pricey, and once you have their tank set up with everything they need, they work out very economical as pets!

Snakes do not smell

Providing that you keep your snake’s enclosure clean and thoroughly disinfect it regularly, the snake is a completely odourless pet. They do not feed very often nor eat very much, and so they do not produce much faeces. Daily removal of faeces and urine, as well as any uneaten food, will ensure that your snake’s tank does not smell at all, unlike a great many other types of pets!

Snakes are very quiet

Dogs bark, cats meow, and pretty much every animal makes some kind of noise! However, the snake only has the hiss for a vocal expression, which is quiet and non-intrusive. You may also sometimes hear your snake digging about in the substrate of their tank, but it is certainly fair to say that snakes are almost silent pets.

Snakes don’t need much room

It is important that your snake’s enclosure is large enough to comfortably provide a suitable environment for them, but unless you own a huge snake, your tank will not take up much space. A tank of a metre long is perfectly fine to house a couple of corn snakes, so all you need is a suitable stand for it and your snake’s accommodation is taken care of.

Snakes are not dangerous!

The types of pet snakes that we commonly see within the UK are all of the constricting variety, not the venomous variety. This means that even if your snake were to bite you, which is rather unusual, they are not going to poison you!

Pet constricting snakes of the types that are recommended for the beginner also do not grow large or strong enough to pose a risk to you via constriction. However, snakes can carry the salmonella bacteria, and so good hygiene protocols when handing snakes is important in order to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

Snakes are interesting to watch

A tank can be the focal point of your room, and give you something to look at that is way more interesting than the television! While snakes are not hugely lively, just watching the way they move and eat can be fascinating, as can handling them and bonding with them.

Snakes are educational

Children that are introduced to new stimulus in the right way while they are still young are likely to develop a lifelong love and respect of it, and will not be afraid of it when they get older. Snakes provide an excellent opportunity to introduce your child to part of the natural world, and teach them important lessons such as responsibility and caring for an animal.

There is a great snake-keeping community

Snake keepers are as a whole, very enthusiastic about their hobby and very friendly and welcoming to new converts! There are lots of online forums and snake clubs, as well as lots of local groups, meet-ups, exotic pet fairs, and much more.

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