How to care for your cat during the winter

How to care for your cat during the winter

With the colder weather coming and in preparation for the Christmas and New Year festivities, it is important to pay a little extra care to your cat’s health and happiness. Read on for some tips on caring for your cat during the winter.

Make sure your cat can have some quiet time

The festive period can be a busy time with an influx of visitors to the house and doorstep callers such as carol singers. This can be stressful for cats. You can help by making sure your cat has a safe, quiet room that they can retreat to where they will not be disturbed.

Watch what your cat plays with

There can be many new and exciting things that your cat will want to play with, from the baubles and tinsel on the Christmas tree to wrapping paper and string. Keep an eye on what your cat is getting their paws on and pay particular attention to anything they could accidentally ingest, such as tinsel, ribbon and string.

Cardboard boxes and wrapping paper are fine - in fact, many cats will think of them as the best presents ever!

Keep an eye on your cat’s diet

There willl be lots of delicious food being served up over Christmas, from the traditional turkey to treats such as salmon and pate, which will be tempting to cats. While it is fine to give your cat the odd scrap of something nice, such as a slice of turkey or a piece of salmon, don’t go overboard or substitute treats for your cat’s usual food. This is because cats can easily gain weight, which can lead to serious health issues. You will also need to make sure that anything you feed your cat is safe and suitable for them to eat, not toxic.

Beware of poisonous plants and other winter hazards

Some plants and foliage that we bring into our homes over winter are poisonous to cats, so make sure you keep them out of their reach or buy artificial plants instead. Holly and mistletoe are both toxic to cats, and while your cat may not try to eat them, a dropped berry could prove tempting to play with. Christmas trees, whether real or artificial, can be intriguing to cats, so make sure your tree is sturdy and well secured and will not topple if climbed.

Did you know that antifreeze is toxic to cats? If you have a car and use antifreeze over the winter months, make sure that it is kept well out of the reach of your cat, and that any spills are always cleaned up immediately and not left on the ground.

Keep your cat safe during fireworks

These days, fireworks are let off over New Year as commonly as they are on Bonfire Night, so it is wise to keep your cat indoors at night during times when there are likely to be fireworks. For the sake of your cat and other pets living locally, it’s best to avoid using noisy fireworks in your garden and attend an organised display instead.



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