Pet Payments Terms and Conditions

Pet Payments Terms and Conditions

Last update:23 May 2024

This page outlines the terms and conditions relating to Pets4Homes Pet Payments service, and situations which may be covered by the Pets4Homes Guarantee.

Please know that for accepting payments through Pets4Homes, we apply Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) rules through our payment services partner Stripe. By accepting payments through Pets4Homes you automatically agree to processing of data collected by Stripe for the purpose of processing payments on the Site. Please visit Stripe's Terms of Service and Stripe’s Privacy Policy for more information. 

If you are a UK resident or registered business, Stripe Payments UK Limited, is a company registered in England & Wales with company number 08480771, whose registered office is at 9th Floor, 107 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6DN. The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority has authorised Stripe Payments UK Limited as an electronic money institution under reference number 900461.

Pets4Homes reserves the right to not refund a user in case of a breach of any of our terms.

Pets4Homes Guarantee

It's important to note that while some situations may result in a full or partial refund being claimed or guaranteed, the seller has the freedom to refund a payment at any time, regardless of whether the situation falls within the outlined policy or not. Therefore, we always recommend buyers to contact the seller before taking any further action. This includes discussing any issues or concerns that may have arisen and working together to find a resolution.

In the unfortunate event of a conflict between the seller and the buyer, our Trust & Safety team will investigate the situation. This generally takes up to 5 working days. If we determine that the seller is at fault within the outlined policy, we will contact the seller to resolve the situation before Pets4Homes issues an advance on the refund.

I. Guarantee Fee

While Pet Payments is free to use for sellers, a percentage of each Pet Payment is collected by Pets4Homes from buyers. This fee is returned if the seller chooses to cancel the rehoming.

II. Basic Eligibility

To be covered by the Pets4Homes Guarantee, you must not have broken any of our payment terms.

Viewing the Pet

For buyers, we strongly recommend that you view the pet in-person or over video chat.

For sellers, you must allow the buyer to view the pet in your home or via video chat.

Upholding the Agreement

Both the buyer and the seller are agreeing to reserve a specific pet at a specific date. If either person chooses not to proceed with the agreed rehoming of their own accord, they may be at risk of losing any deposit which was sent. If the buyer is eligible for a partial or full refund, the seller must return the deposit or the entire payment, respectively, to Pets4Homes using a secure link to transfer the funds to the buyer's account.

Confirming Rehoming

When a buyer confirms the rehoming of a new pet, any funds still held by Pets4Homes are immediately released to the seller. Any buyer who clicks to "confirm collection" in the Pets4Homes chat prior to physically receiving their new pet will not eligible for any form of coverage or compensation under the Pets4Homes Guarantee.

Ensuring Health

The seller is responsible for ensuring that a pet is healthy when a buyer makes their payment and when the pet is collected.

The buyer and seller are responsible for waiting until a puppy or kitten is at least 8 weeks old on the collection date.

III. Before Collection: Payment Protection

In the event that a rehoming is cancelled before the pet has been collected, the buyer is entitled to either a partial or full refund depending on the circumstances.

Buyer Receives a Full Refund

The buyer will receive a full refund of any deposit they paid, plus the remaining balance and Pets4Homes guarantee fee if any of the following occurs:

  • The seller chooses to cancel the rehoming
    The buyer is entitled to a full refund if the seller chooses not to proceed with the sale. This includes a situation where the seller has taken a deposit or agreed to a rehoming, and stops responding to the buyer.
  • The buyer does not physically receive the pet they reserved
    It is important that a buyer does not confirm delivery of their pet before picking it up. This also includes when a seller has agreed to rehome a specific pet, but decides to rehome this pet elsewhere and offers a different pet instead.

Buyer Receives a Partial Refund

There are some situations when the buyer may be entitled to only a partial refund. In these situations, any deposit which has been placed, and the Pets4Homes guarantee fee, will not be refunded. The buyer is only entitled to a refund of their remaining balance when:

  • The buyer chooses to cancel the rehoming
    In the event that a buyer no longer wishes to proceed with the rehoming, the seller is entitled to keep any deposit placed to reserve a pet.
  • If you or another household member turns out to be allergic
    It is important for the buyers to properly research and consider the potential allergies of everyone in the household before placing a deposit.
  • If paperwork related to the pet is not received
    The buyer assumes the risk of the pet not having relevant paperwork upon placing a payment. For example, if you place a payment before seeing proof a pet is vaccinated, you also assume the risk of the pet not being vaccinated.
    This includes pedigree paperwork, such as KC or TICA documents.
  • If the buyer's landlord or residence does not allow pets
    Prior to making a payment, tenants are required to research and confirm with their landlord if pets are allowed in the rental property.
  • Unforeseen circumstances
    In the event of unforeseen circumstances on their side, buyers are advised to contact the seller and explain the situation. Unforeseen circumstances for the buyer include but are not limited to: a change of mind, lack of time for a pet, work-related changes, pet temperament incompatibility, a pet conflict with other household pets, or a sudden family emergency. 

IV. After Collection: Health Guarantee

If the pet you bring home falls critically ill within 6 months of collection as a result of breeder neglect or a serious congenital disease, the buyer may be entitled to a full refund.

What situations may be covered:

  • Death
  • Parvo / FELV / FIV
  • Hospitalised Pets
  • Severe grades of heart murmur and some hernias requiring surgery
  • Congenital (inherited) illnesses

In these situations, Pets4Homes requires vet reports and any other necessary documents/photos for pets falling critically ill within 6 months of collection. This policy also covers instances where a pre-existing condition is discovered within 6 months of collection that was not previously disclosed by the seller and is clearly affecting the pet’s quality of life. 

What is not covered:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Parasites (lice, worms, fleas, ticks)
  • Mild or treatable symptoms which may be unrelated to the way the pet has been bred or raised by the breeder (e.g. infections, food poisoning, or other symptoms which any puppy or kitten might develop post-collection.)
  • Health risks disclosed in the breed profile relevant to your breed
  • If paperwork related to the pet is not received (vaccination papers, pedigree papers such as KC, TICA, etc.)
  • Other (aesthetics, incorrect sex, etc.)

V. Pet Payments FAQ

We have answered some common questions here:
Support Portal: Pet Payment FAQ  

VI. Final note:

This policy is subject to change and may be revised or updated at any time without prior notice. Please note that refund claims made more than 12 months after pet collection are not valid.

If contacting the other user to resolve this privately is unsuccessful, we recommend users to contact Pets4Homes Trust & Safety for support.