American Bobtail kittens and cats for sale

6 American Bobtail kittens and cats for sale

The American Bobtail is a relatively new breed, originating in the USA in the 1960s, although it has only recently received much attention. She is rarely seen in the UK as she is not recognized by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) and therefore cannot be shown at GCCF shows. It can be either a short-haired or semi-long-haired variety and can be distinguished by its shorter tail, which is between a third and half the length of a more conventional breed. Since tail length is not a programmable gene and cannot be selectively bred, it is said that no two tails are ever alike, and unlike other cats, the American Bobtail will often wag its tail to show pleasure. The long-haired variety is described as having a shaggy-looking coat (rather than dense or fluffy), in keeping with its association with wild bobcats, from which they are believed to be descended, while the short-haired American Bobtails variety has a more plush coat. It is a robust, rather rugged-looking cat, and both variants are medium to large in size, with males weighing about 15 pounds and females slightly smaller.

Read our American Bobtail Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

American Bobtail cats for sale in Hendon, London - Advert 1
5 days

American bobtail kittens

American BobtailAge: 9 weeks1 male / 1 female
Beautiful American bobtail kittens for sale. They are so affectionate, caring and loving, they love playing so much, looking for the right home £180 each
Ben t.London
American Bobtail cats for sale in Rhuddlan, Rhyl - Advert 2

Black and White kitten.

American BobtailAge: 4 months1 male
Black and White kitten 15 weeks old. Last of the litter. Male Flee and wormed. Lovely affectionate playful guy.
ceri j.Rhyl
American Bobtail cats for sale in Ossett - Advert 3

American bobtailed CROSS Persian

American BobtailAge: 11 weeks1 male / 1 female
2x long haired with bobtail boy & girl black with silver markings 1x short haired black boy with normal tail. All have blue eyes (at moment) beautiful,mischievous, friendly, funny, very playful. All h
Kealy P.Ossett
American Bobtail cats for sale in Crawley - Advert 4
1 month

Kitten for sale in crawley rh10

American BobtailAge: 14 weeks
Kitten not 100% sure if sex. Mum is a rag dolls American bobtail. Only the 1 kitten silver tabby in colour. Eating dry food and litter trained. Use to children, cats and a dog
Emma K.Crawley
American Bobtail cats for sale in Dentons Green, St. Helens - Advert 5
1 month

Kittens for sale

American BobtailAge: 4 months3 male
3 kittens for sale all black 3 males Well behaved eating fine and using the litter tray Ready to be rehomed
Cheryl R.Saint Helens
American Bobtail cats for sale in South Woodford, London - Advert 6
1 month


American BobtailAge: 4 months3 male
These are 2 beautiful boys looking for a house. They’re all potty trained and have stopped drinking milk from their mum. They’re pretty calm and sleep a lot 😂. If your interested or have any requests
Mikela H.
Mikela H.Ilford


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