Egyptian Mau Cats and Kittens for sale

3 Egyptian Mau Cats and Kittens for sale

The Egyptian Mau has a reputation for being extremely fast on its feet. They look very similar to the cats found in ancient Egypt and depicted on the tomb walls of the pharaohs. These athletic cats have been measured to have speeds of thirty miles per hour. Not only that, their long, well-muscled hind legs allow the mouse to leap to great heights with the greatest of ease. Over the years, thanks to their naturally occurring exotic spotted coat and friendly, loyal and affectionate nature, the Egyptian Mau has become a popular companion, finding their way into the hearts and homes of many people in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Read our Egyptian Mau Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

Egyptian Mau cats for sale in Hamilton, Leicester - Advert 1
1 week

Beautiful Cats Male and Female

Egyptian MauAge: 4 months1 male / 1 female
We have had these cats for the past week as our neighbors had to leave in emergency. We would like to give them away for a good home. They had been trained and very friendly. £10 for both, including t
Javid H.
Javid H.Leicester
Egyptian Mau cats for sale in Enfield - Advert 2

lovely biys n girls.for sale

Egyptian MauAge: 14 weeks7 male / 3 female
We have 10 Egyptian Mau/Bombay cross kittens for sale,7 males,3 females,ready to g o to their forever homes.on 28th May 2022.All are litter trained and eating meat etc,and are all brilliant and playfu
Allan C.Enfield
Egyptian Mau cats for sale in Row, Bodmin - Advert 3
1 month

male Egyptian Mau kitten

Egyptian MauAge: 9 weeks1 male
My Beautiful Egyptian Mau had a litter of 4 kittens.. 3 are sold One little boy still looking for her forever home.. He will be fully registered with the Gccf and come with insurance and will have he
Louise J.Bodmin


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