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Cane Corso Dogs and Puppies for sale in Wellingborough

2 Cane Corso Dogs and Puppies for sale in Wellingborough

Cane Corso dogs for sale in Spinney Hill - Advert 1
1 week
4 Beautiful blue Cane Corso puppies all females. Zara is the mother of the litter whom is our very well cared for and looked after family dog. This is her first litter and she is a very caring mother and well behaved. I’m sure when you come to visit you will be able to experience the calmness and friendliness of Zara. The father of the litter was picked very carefully in regards to health and quality. He was imported and spends his time with other Cane’s and children. We would love to pass on our puppies to the right family but before doing so please consider the amount of commitment it will take to raise this type of breed. It will take a lot of patience, love and care. If you are interested in purchasing a cane corso puppy please ensure you do your research before coming the conclusion of purchasing these pup
1 week
Cane Corso
Age: 11 weeks
4 female
Cane Corso dogs for sale in Kettering - Advert 2
2 weeks
my cane corso is for sale he isn’t neutered he is good with other dogs amazing with kids an good off lead he is a very anxious boy an scared of people when he first meets them but as soon as he sees your ok he is the most loving and obedient dog you will ever meet! he is fully house trained up to date with vaccinations he is also left alone on the house an doesn’t chew any
2 weeks
Cane Corso
Age: 10 months


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