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Australian Mist kittens for sale in Hampshire

We found 0 Australian Mist kittens for sale in Hampshire.

The Australian Mist, also known as Spotted Mist,  is currently the youngest breed to be recognised in the UK, having been accepted by the Governing Council of Cat Fancy in October 2011. The development of this breed has been very closely documented in both Australia and the UK, recognising the importance of doing this for future generations of breeding, unlike many of our older breeds where records have not been kept so meticulously. Also, as it is a single named breeder who has guided the development of the Australian Mist (and who has maintained an active interest in the breed to this day), it has been easier to validate the records. Details of all Australian Mist pedigree cats have been recorded and the pedigrees of current breeding cats can be accurately traced back to these lines.

Read our Australian Mist Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

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