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Bengal kittens for sale in Durham

8 Bengal kittens for sale in Durham

The vibrant Bengal cat breed draws its lineage from the wild Asian leopard cat and boasts a distinct spotted or marbled coat akin to that of big cats. With color variations such as rich gold, russet, and ivories, Bengals are known for their signature leopard-like rosettes and marbling patterns.These active cats showcase a well-muscled yet sleek physique with females typically ranging smaller in size than males. Acknowledged for their energetic nature and impressive agility, Bengals require ample physical and mental stimulation, making interactive play and toys a must for their well-being. As intelligent animals, they are unique for their communicative nature and adaptability to various surroundings, relishing in water play and high vantage points.

Read our Bengal Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

Bengal cats for sale in Pelaw, Gateshead - Advert 1
3 days

Gorgeous Top Quality Silver Rosetted Girl

BengalAge: 15 weeks1 female
Azra is a high quality Silver from clouded imported bloodlines from netherlands, russia and korea. She has a super pedigree and an incrediably loving personality, very active and also carries dilute
ChuiBengals UK
ChuiBengals UK
Gateshead(11.3 miles away)
Bengal cats for sale in Pelaw, Gateshead - Advert 2
4 days

*WAITING LIST* Import Bloodlines

BengalAge: 11 weeks2 male / 2 female
***ABOUT US*** We are Proud Passionate Registered TICA Breeders of the most unique exotic Bengals based in the Northeast Of England. All of our Beautiful Bengals were imported or have Bloodlines fro
ChuiBengals UK
ChuiBengals UK
Gateshead(11.3 miles away)
Bengal cats for sale in Pelaw, Gateshead - Advert 3
4 days

Snow & Silver Waiting List Import Bloodlines

BengalAge: 3 weeks2 male / 2 female
We have an exciting litter upcoming of Snow Lynx & Silver Clouded / Rosetted (Blue Carrier) Import Bloodlines. Our kittens leave fully vaccinated, TICA Registered, 4 weeks free insurance and 5 genera
ChuiBengals UK
ChuiBengals UK
Gateshead(11.3 miles away)
Bengal cats for sale in Baldersdale, Barnard Castle - Advert 4
4 days

Bengal cross kittens

BengalAge: 8 weeks1 male / 1 female
Mum Nala is a full TICA registered Bengal who has 2 beautiful kittens 1 male & 1 female available. The male is slightly larger than the female & has lighter markings. Kittens have been well handled
MICHELLE M.ID verified
Barnard Castle(26.7 miles away)
Bengal cats for sale in Richmond - Advert 5
4 days

Half Bengal Kittens

BengalAge: 7 weeks1 male / 1 female
*** SOLD PENDING COLLECTION*** 🐾 **Half Bengal Kittens Available!** 🐾 🎉 Born on March 3rd, these half Bengal kittens boast gorgeous and unique markings. Their mother is a full Bengal, while thei
Anthony M.
Anthony M.
Richmond(27 miles away)
Bengal cats for sale in Sheraton, Hartlepool - Advert 6
1 week

Purebred pedigree bengal kitten

BengalAge: 7 weeks1 male
Beautiful rosetted seal lynx male can now be reserved. He was born 7/3 and is ready to go 7/5. He is registered in TICA. Not for breeding, sold as pet only. He is growing up in a home with kids and
JENNY L.ID verified
Hartlepool(14.8 miles away)
Bengal cats for sale in Palmersville, Newcastle upon Tyne - Advert 7
2 weeks

Beautiful Bengal babies

BengalAge: 7 weeks1 male / 2 female
*** male now sold ***From a gorgeous charcoal Bengal mother and a brown rosette father , she had 4 beautiful babies ( I’ve claimed one ) 2 females and one male , litter trained and weaning well. Born
Rachael V.ID verified
Wallsend(16.1 miles away)
Bengal cats for sale in Darlington - Advert 8
3 weeks

Stunning Brown Rosetted Bengal kittens for sale

BengalAge: 13 weeks2 male / 1 female
Gorgeous litter of Brown/black Rosetted Bengal kittens; 1 girl & 2 boys. Super friendly, very playful. Born on the 20th January so will be ready to leave 3rd week of April. They will be TICA registere
Pawtrax Bengals
Pawtrax BengalsID verified
Darlington(17.2 miles away)