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Maine coon tabby Mixed Breed kittens for sale

26 Maine coon tabby Mixed Breed kittens for sale

Mixed breed cats, commonly referred to as 'Moggie' or domestic cats, display a wide array of patterns, colors, and sizes, celebrating the unique qualities that each cat brings. They can come in variations such as calico, tortoiseshell, tabby, and solid colors, and their sizes may range from petite to robust, reflecting their genetic ancestry. To ensure a fulfilling companionship, it's important to understand the individual needs and temperament of a mixed breed cat, as they may require regular exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization, depending on their traits.

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Mixed Breed cats for sale in Street - Advert 1
1 day

Maine Coon/British Short Hair Kittens

Mixed BreedAge: 4 months2 male
2 healthy boys from our well-loved Maine Coon with short hair not neutered Dark Tabby Smoke gloves mid short- £300 Blue Tabby Smoke gloves short - £350 Parents been health checked and Dads had b
Chloe-Ella W.
Chloe-Ella W.
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Mixed Breed cats for sale in Felixstowe - Advert 1
1 day

1 BOY & 1 GIRL LEFT!!!❤️

Mixed BreedAge: 5 weeks3 male / 1 female
Our lovely Lily who is 3/4 Maine coon has given birth to 4 absolutely beautiful kittens. 3 boys and one little girl. They are starting to be more active and vocal, still feeding off of mum but will st
Chantelle S.
Chantelle S.
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Brasted, Westerham - Advert 2
2 days

Adorable kittens. Last girl left.

Mixed BreedAge: 11 weeks1 male / 3 female
Beautiful very sociable kittens ready to find their new families. The black and white are girls, the tabby one is the boy. Kittens are litter trained and eat wet and dry food. They all are very friend
IRYNA S.ID verified
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Hawkesworth Trading Estate, Swindon - Advert 3
3 days

2x Male Tabbies, 1xFemale black/white.

Mixed BreedAge: 6 weeks2 male / 1 female
Mum is a mix breed silver tabby and Dad is a large tabby cat with a very fluffy tail. He is 1/4 maine coon. Both Mum and Dad are sociable lovable cats. 1. Silver tabby Male. £200.00 2. Female Bl
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Brompton, Gillingham - Advert 4
3 days

Adorable long hair tabby ginger mixed breed

Mixed BreedAge: 7 weeks1 male / 2 female
Hi everyone, I am 7 weeks, male, I have gorgeous long ginger and white hair with beautiful stripes. My grandad is half Maine-Coon and my dad is a long hair ginger Tom, so I guess I might become quit
Juliette L.
Juliette L.
Mixed Breed cats for sale in St. Ives, Ringwood - Advert 5
4 days

Beautiful Maine coon x

Mixed BreedAge: 7 weeks4 male / 1 female
Only 1 male babies left My beautiful Girl delivered 5 babies they are use to all house hold noises very confident they are brought up with dogs so use to other animals . they are starting to all get
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Pear Tree, Derby - Advert 6
5 days

beautiful kittens looking for forever home :)

Mixed BreedAge: 12 weeks4 male / 2 female
Hello everyone, here in our home we have 6 beautiful mixed kittens. They were born on the 24th march 2024. Their dad is a white mixed maine coon and Persian chinchilla and their mother is a mixed r
julia eliza
julia eliza
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Rownhams, Southampton - Advert 7
5 days

Just two half maine coon boys available

Mixed BreedAge: 15 weeks2 male
Two boy kittens available from my litter of five half maine coon. Dad is our pedigree classic black tabby maine coon, mum of litter is our pedigree lilac. These Kittens are extremely outgoing and affe
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Kidbrooke, London - Advert 8
6 days

Maine coon cross kittens ready to leave

Mixed BreedAge: 12 weeks2 male / 6 female
My cat has given birth to some little angels looking for their forever homes; They are all playful and loving, get along well with older cats as I have a few others myself. I have tried to sex them
SHANE W.ID verified
Mixed Breed cats for sale in New Haw, Addlestone - Advert 9
1 week

Beautiful Maine coon cross breed kittens

Mixed BreedAge: 4 weeks3 male / 1 female
Our beautiful Maine Coon cross British Shorthair cat has had a stunning litter of kittens. They are full of character and very charming. Two male kittens are tabby in colour and one male is tuxedo co
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Essington, Wolverhampton - Advert 10
1 week

5 girls looking new home

Mixed BreedAge: 5 weeks1 male / 5 female
6 beautiful kittens available reserved.. 5 girls available...Kittens born 12.05.2024 and ready new home 7.07.2024..Mom mix maine coon and dad Ragdoll/Maine coon....kittens when growup big and fluffy..
ArmagedonID verified
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Brooklands, Sale - Advert 11
1 week

2 beautiful Girl kittens for sale.

Mixed BreedAge: 10 weeks1 male / 2 female
Black and white fluffy girl £150 Tabby girl £125 Mum is at home with the Kitties. She is half Maine coon. GREY BOY NOT FOR SALE SORRY 😻 Eating and drinking Born around 2 dogs and children. Very
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Audley, Stoke-on-Trent - Advert 12
1 week

One male Maine Coon X tabby kitten

Mixed BreedAge: 15 weeks5 male / 1 female
REDUCED*** I have one male become available he is now 12 weeks old *** I have reduced him as he needs to be microchipped and vaccinated asap. Beautiful Maine Coon cross tabby kittens .. two males tab
Gemma B.
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Mottingham, London - Advert 13
1 week

Cute, energetic and playful kittens for sale.

Mixed BreedAge: 10 weeks
Our mother cat Kitty, gave birth to 4 beautiful healthy kittens. Very energetic, playful and cute kittens. They are ready to leave their mother. Kitties are mix breed of Maine Coon cat (mother). Eatin
Lesya S.
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Staplehurst, Tonbridge - Advert 14
1 week

Beautiful kittens for sale

Mixed BreedAge: 7 weeks3 male / 1 female
Ready to go 🐈‍⬛ 2 black (dark tabby) boys 1 grey/brown tabby boy 1 black girl The black male kittens have unique tabby-esce markings and white hairs on their legs. One of the boys has a small bit
Megan M.
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Isleworth - Advert 15
1 week

Kittens black boy left

Mixed BreedAge: 10 weeks3 male
7 beautiful kittens looking for new home ,4 girls and 3 boys, mum is tabby ,dad Maine coon ..only 3 boys left Very playful and well-socialised with children. Fully weaned and litter trained. Wormed
Barbara H.
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Rownhams, Southampton - Advert 16
2 weeks

Maine coon x lilacs boys

Mixed BreedAge: 15 weeks2 male
Two beautiful brothers remaining from my litter of five. Dad of my litter is my big classic Tabby pedigree maine coon, mum is my pedigree lilac. Both kittens have fantastic markings really striking.
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Letchworth Garden City - Advert 17
2 weeks

Two beautiful kittens left

Mixed BreedAge: 4 weeks1 male / 1 female
I have two beautiful kittens left out of four. Mum is an American short hair (tortoiseshell) and dad is a Maine coon cross. (Happy to send lots more photos). Tabby is a boy. Black and white is a girl.
JAIDEN G.ID verified
Letchworth Garden City
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Sheerwater, Woking - Advert 18
3 weeks

Beautiful Maine Coon cross

Mixed BreedAge: 8 weeks2 male / 2 female
We have 4 beautiful, large and robust kittens. Their father is a Maine Coon (Tabby Mackerel colouring). Mother is a sweet-natured domestic short hair with very pretty Calico colouring. 1: Male Tabby
CAMILLA B.ID verified
Mixed Breed cats for sale in Otham, Maidstone - Advert 19
3 weeks

Maine coon mix - black and brown tabby boy

Mixed BreedAge: 8 weeks3 male / 1 female
Fluffy black and brown tabby boy - Available out of a litter of Lovely kitten very affectionate, used to lots of cuddles. Live with a 9 year old and a cocker spaniel. Eating and drinking well, toilet
RACHEL C.ID verified