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Scottish Fold kittens for sale in Taunton

6 Scottish Fold kittens for sale in Taunton

The distinctive Scottish Fold Cat is appreciated for its striking appearance and affectionate personality. Bred from a natural genetic mutation, their unique folded ears set them apart from other felines. This medium-sized breed comes in various colors and coats, including solid, tabby, calico, and bi-color, with either short or long hair. Prized for their charm, Scottish Folds exhibit a strikingly 'owl-like' face and curious nature. Known to be intelligent and responsive, they make for great companions. They are also sociable and good with families, children, or other pets. Scottish Folds are generally active and require mental stimulation, displaying a fondness for playful antics. Regular grooming and a balanced diet are part of maintaining their health and signature plush coat.

Read our Scottish Fold Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

Scottish Fold cats for sale in Hawkfield Business Park, Bristol - Advert 1
5 days

Tobby is looking for new parents and a new home

Scottish FoldAge: 11 months1 male
We sell urgently our Prince Tobby, as we have to leave (( he has all vaccinations , he is very friendly,but since we have often gone away for a long time he stayed with his neighbors and began to hide
CRISTINA S.ID verified
Bristol(35 miles away)
Scottish Fold cats for sale in Grangetown, Cardiff - Advert 2
1 week

Pedigree Queens

Scottish FoldAge: 1 year1 female
Beautiful girl a little shy with me but lovely never the less,and beautiful big Persian girl that's very sociable and friendly, due to unforeseen circumstances we are looking for the best home for th
kitty Morgan
kitty MorganID verified
Cardiff(31.6 miles away)
Scottish Fold cats for sale in Ogwell, Newton Abbot - Advert 3
3 weeks

**SOLD**Scottish straight eared kittens

Scottish FoldAge: 10 weeks1 male / 1 female
SOLD **Black boy left available** gorgeous very friendly litter trained ready May 10th I have 2 straight eared kittens available from a litter of 4 , mum is Scottish fold dad is British Shorthair,
VICTORIA F.ID verified
Newton Abbot(42.1 miles away)
Scottish Fold cats for sale in Ashley Down, Bristol - Advert 4
3 weeks

Scottish fold kitten

Scottish FoldAge: 15 weeks1 male
very friendly litter trained active runner plays with kids scottish fold breed play alot. They like clean environment
usama m.
usama m.
Bristol(40 miles away)
Scottish Fold cats for sale in Barry - Advert 5
3 weeks

RESERVED Beautiful golden Scottish fold female

Scottish FoldAge: 3 years1 female
This is nala, our beautiful 3 year old Scottish fold female. Nala is a lovely affectionate cat, loves cuddles, has been brought up around other cats and children. She has a great temperament & loves t
cwtchfoldID verified
Barry(28.1 miles away)
Scottish Fold cats for sale in West Clyst, Exeter - Advert 6
1 month

Scottish Fold kittens

Scottish FoldAge: 10 weeks2 male / 3 female
PLEASE NOTE, all the kittens have been reserved. We have 5 Scottish Fold/Straight kittens looking for their forever homes: four folded ears and one straight ears, two boys and three girls. The kitten
Blue Princess
Blue PrincessID verified
Exeter(24.1 miles away)