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Bordoodle puppies for sale in Worthing

We found 0 Bordoodle puppies for sale in Worthing.

The Bordoodle, a hybrid of the Border Collie and Poodle, showcases a unique blend of intelligence and playfulness. With an average height of 15 to 22 inches, their size can vary from medium to large, largely depending on their parentage. Their coat, which may range from wavy to curly, comes in a variety of colors such as black, white, brown, and merle, and is relatively low-shedding. Eager to please and quick to learn, Bordoodles thrive in agility and obedience training. They require regular exercise, benefiting from both physical activities and mental stimulation. Their affectionate and social nature, paired with a moderate energy level, makes them an adaptable companion for families. Future Bordoodle owners should prioritize early socialization and consistent training to harness their potential.

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