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Korean Jindo puppies for sale in Waltham Cross

We found 0 Korean Jindo puppies for sale in Waltham Cross.

The Korean Jindo, also known as Jindo-gae, is a breed noted for its loyalty, bravery, and intelligence. Native to South Korea, it has a double-coat in solid or mixed colors such as white, brindle, black, yellow, and red. Jindos have a distinct, muscular build, with females usually smaller than males, perfect for agility, hunt, and guard work. They have a keen sense of direction and are natural jumpers and fast runners, requiring vigorous daily exercises. Their cleanliness and easy trainability make the Korean Jindo a favored pet. They are known to form a strong bond with their primary handler, demonstrating exceptional fidelity. However, their independent nature may require a secure fenced area, or they may wander.

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We found 0 Korean Jindo puppies for sale in Waltham Cross.If you want to see future results for this exact search, save your search and wait for perfect pets: