NWSphynx Cattery
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NWSphynx Cattery
Licence No.:OAW69461
Local Authority:BWD Borough Council
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About us Our TICA registered kittens are not only stunning but also come from outstanding bloodlines and possess amazing temperaments. As council licensed breeders with over a decade of experience in the Canadian Sphynx breed, we have acquired extensive knowledge and qualifications in Feline Behaviour and Psychology, Understanding Feline Anxiety, Feline and Canine Ultrasound Scanning, and Feline First Aid. These courses have allowed us to have a comprehensive understanding of the feline community as a whole and enable us to closely monitor our queens throughout their pregnancy. Our dedication to this aspect is unwavering, and we are passionate about expanding our cattery and knowledge in the years to come. Our kittens are raised in a small, family-run cattery and are exposed to other animals, children, and household noises, making them well-adjusted and sociable. They are a part of our daily family life and are known for their beauty, playfulness, and charming temperament. To ensure the healthiest start in life, all our Queens and Sires undergo an extensive range of genetic tests, including HCM, CMS, PKD HCR, GSD4, PRA, PK-Def, SMA, FIV/FELV. Additionally, DNA testing is conducted to guarantee that our kittens have 100% sphynx lines without any crossbreeding. Rest assured, all proof of testing from our Queens and Sires will be provided within our Kitten Packs. The prices of our kittens may vary based on factors such as sex, age, and size. We now also except all major credit/debit cards to make transactions easier. Stay updated with our latest news and upcoming litters by visiting our social media pages, conveniently located at the bottom of this page. Thank you.