Brandon L.
Carterton, Oxfordshire
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Jan 2019
I have many snakes of many diffrent species so just give me a call if you wanna know anything about snakes or if your intrested in buying or selling some snakes

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Corn snakes for free 2

Carterton, Oxfordshire
I have 2 corn snakes ready to go to a good home I'm not wanting anything for them I would be willing to do a swap for another snake that said I just don't have an interest in corns anymore Ive now got bigger snakes they are both male one is a charcoal around 6 foot long handles okay but is
  24 days ago
Reptile rehouse 1

Carterton, Oxfordshire
I have finally finished building my reptile house I'm now just looking for animals to fill it up with I have 15 years of experience with big snakes and lizards but I'm welcoming any sort of reptile that maybe you can't deal or handle any more due to problems I'm more than happy to give you
  24 days ago
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