Mixed Breed Cats and Kittens for adoption in Middlesbrough

1 Mixed Breed Cats and Kittens for adoption in Middlesbrough

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We are in the unfortunate situation of having to rehome our 4 year old cat, Lola. Unfortunately she is terrified of our dog and currently has no quality of life as she doesn’t leave our spare room. This breaks our heart but we just want a better life for her than being so scared, we have tried lots of things over the past year but to no avail. Due to private personal circumstances it wasn’t a option to rehome the dog. She’s lovely cat but is very independent , very nervous and isn’t one for sitting on laps or lots of fuss. She’s quite happy doing her own thing and is more of a ‘i’ll come to you when I want love’ sort of cat! If you pick her up when she doesn’t want it, she will struggle to get away & potentially scratch to get down so I don’t think she would be good with little kids who wouldn’t understand to leave her be. I think she would be best suited in a older home with an owner who’s prepared to leave her to her own business and not expect fuss. She cannot live with other pets and has lived as an indoor cat so she can’t go outside. She has been spayed and is microchipped. If you want any other information please let me know. She would come with her cat tree/bed/toys/litt
Mixed Breed
Age: 4 years


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