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American Wirehair

Looking to buy or adopt a American Wirehair ?


The American Wirehair is a lovely looking feline that's relatively new to the cat scene. The breed is a medium to large cat that comes in a variety of colours and patterns and over the last few decades since the sixties, has become a really popular choice as a family pet due to their charming looks and their lovely kind natures. Their coats are a natural mutation which causes the fur to appear crimped and wiry. However, this naturally occurring mutation has to be encouraged because it is what is known as an incomplete dominant gene.


The American Wirehair boasts an interesting past and only appeared on the cat scene in the sixties when a domestic shorthair had a litter of kittens which boasted a natural mutation which meant they had wiry, springy coats. However, only one kitten survived which was a red and white male tabby. He was to become the daddy of the "kinky-coated" felines that are around today when a breeder in the US crossed him with American Shorthairs. His name was Council Rock Adam of Hi-Fi. The breed was eventually recognised by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1978 and in order to maintain their genetic diversity, this lovely breed continues to be crossed with American Shorthairs.


The American Wirehair boasts an amazing coat which looks like it's been crimped. The coat is tight and medium in length with a very hard texture yet it's nice to the touch. These lovely looking felines even have crimped whiskers and the hair in their ears is curly and springy too. The breed comes in a variety of colours and lovely patterns. They have gorgeous round heads with high cheekbones topped off with medium-sized ears which are rounded at their tips. Their eyes are large and alert, tilting slightly upwards which gives the cat a lovely expression. American Wirehairs are muscular with medium-sized bodies and lovely round paws with large, heavy pads.


The American Wirehair boasts a lovely temperament much like the American Shorthair. They are affectionate characters that love to play interactive games with their owners and are often referred to as being real "clowns". The breed is athletic and likes to be out and about. They are not demanding by nature and are highly intelligent and sociable felines. Much like a dog, the American Wirehair loves to follow their owners around the home and are always keen to be involved with everything that's going on. The one thing these great looking cats love doing is to curl up next to you on a comfy sofa. The American Wirehair is a great choice as a family pet because they are really good with children and other animals although you would need to keep an eye on them around small pets like hamsters and birds because they have retained a very strong hunting instinct.

American Wirehair Health

The American Wirehair is a strong cat health-wise that does not generally suffer from any diseases. Careful breeding has helped to produce a hybrid feline that's robust and healthy. However, you need to keep an eye on their ears to make sure there's no build of wax which does occur due to their coarse and curly hair. The other thing to watch out for are any skin issues because the breed does have oily skin. However, a few breeders have reported the breed can suffer from skin problems which are often triggered by stress as well as changes in the weather.

Caring for a American Wirehair

When it comes to care, the American Wirehair's coat does require a bit of brushing and combing although too much could result in damaging their fur. The best time to comb their coats is when cats start shedding in the spring. If you buy or adopt a young American Wirehair, you should try to teach them to let you brush their teeth because it's the best way of reducing the risk of periodontal disease developing. It is also a very good idea to check their ears on a regular basis to make sure there are not mites or infections. As with all cats, American Wirehairs really don't like using a litter tray if it is dirty or smelly and may well refuse to use one if it is placed too closed to their food or water bowls. Regular visits to the vet are a must for health checks and to keep up with annual vaccinations.

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