Chausies are "hybrid" cats that came about by crossing the Jungle Cat with a domestic cat. Their name is pronounced "chow-see" and they are a medium to large sized felines that boast a long muscular body. They have nice tall ears with tufts on their tips. The shape of their faces is very "cougar-like" and indeed, the Chausie is built for hunting and jumping which they are extremely good at achieving heights in excess of 8 feet with no difficulty whatsoever. They are very intelligent felines and they need lots of mental stimulation and physical exercise to stay happy and healthy. However, if they have the space they need to roam, these lovely looking hybrid cats make wonderful family pets.


The Chausie first appeared on the scene back in the sixties when breeders crossed domestic cats to the Jungle Cat (Felis Chaus) which is native to north Africa, south-east Asia and India where the breed is more prevalent. The Jungle Cat is also quite a close relative to the domestic cat (F. Lyrical). However, Jungle Cats and domestic cats did breed in the wild well before people began crossing them in order to create a nice natured feline that boasted the look of a wild cat. It was in the late nineties that a group of breeders started to cross the two breeds seriously and began a register of their stock. In 2003, the Chausie was accepted as a new breed of cat and in 2013, the breed received full Championship status. For the moment, the only outcrosses which are acceptable are the Jungle Cat, the domestic and the Abyssinian.


The one very noticeable thing about the Chausie is that females are a lot smaller than their male counterparts. The breed is, however, a large sized cat that boasts a rather long, muscular and lean body which is slightly rectangular in shape. Chausies have lovely long and muscular hind legs which are that bit longer than their front ones and they have small, round paws. The Chausie's head is longer than it is wide with high set cheek bones and a nice long, sloping forehead. As with many wild cats, their ears stand tall with tufts on their tips and they are set quite close together. Eyes are a nice oval shape which can be anything from golden/yellow to green in colour. The Chausie boasts a short coat which consists of a finer undercoat and a much coarser top coat. You'll find Chausies come is several colours which includes the following: - Black - Black/silver tipped grizzled tabby - Brown ticked tabby The Chausie is a large cat that can weigh in at anything up to 30 lbs. They usually take anything from 2 to 3 years to get to their full size.


The breed is an intelligent feline that loves interacting with people. They are athletic and are known for being extremely good jumpers. They are also renowned for the speed and will play for hours just to keep themselves amused. Because the Chausie is such a clever pussy cat, they need lots of mental and physical stimulation and exercise to keep happy and healthy. A lot of people who own Chausies say they are very dog-like in character and as such will follow an owner around because they love their company and lots of human contact. The one thing a Chausie hates is to be left on their own for any long periods of time. The get on very well with other pets and children which makes them a great choice as a family pet.


The health issues to watch out for with Chausies are problems with their digestive tracts and the breed does tend to be rather gluten-intolerant which means feeding them traditional cat food could prove to be a problem due to the fact that many of them contain gluten grains as well as wheat.

Caring for a Chausie

Chausies boast short easy to care for coats which only need the very occasional grooming when they start to shed during the warmer months of the year. This helps get rid of dead hairs and prevents them from attaching themselves on your furniture and carpets. As with all cats, it's really important that Chausies are taken for regular health checks at the vets to make sure they are in good health and not suffering from any digestive tract disorders. You also need to make sure you feed them a gluten-free diet because they do have a tendency to be gluten-intolerant hence the digestive tract health issues. Keeping an eye on their teeth is also essential and to take a look at their ears to make sure they haven't picked up any ear mites. It is also essential for them to have their annual vaccinations.

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