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9 weeks old (More Info)

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- Pictures will be updated once all litters have their fur
- Pups to be sexed on the 31/12/2016

Three new litters of gerbils will be available to take home in February 2017

My Pied creme female and her Argente Gold partner have had four pups and they were born on the 21/12/2016. Fuzz indicating two pied cremes, one Argent Gold and a possible white/faded creme.

My Burmese and her Brown Agouti mate have had three pups on the 23/12/2016, all pups looked to be dark coated.

My Colourpoint Agouti and her Brown Agouti male have had six pups born on the 25/12/2016 (Christmas babies!) which are still growing in their first layers of fuzz!

Pups are priced at 9 pound for a single or 15 pound for a pair. Pups will only be sold in >SAME SEX< pairings.

Rodent Buying Checklist

Before contacting or visiting the advertiser for this Gerbil. Please make sure you have printed and read this checklist fully. Do NOT buy a rodent from the advertiser unless you are happy that they follow all the advice on the list.

  • Do your research first
    Getting a new rodent is a massive commitment, so make sure you have researched the breed fully and have the time and commitment necessary to care for the rodent. You can read our detailed Information guide about rodents for potential new rodent owners.
  • Confirm that the advertiser is genuine
    You should verify this by arranging to visit the pet at the advertisers home, if they make excuses or try to ask for money or a deposit without seeing the pet, or if the advertiser attempts to deliver the pet or meet you at any other location than their own home, then please do not agree to this. NEVER send money online for any pet. Please read our article on avoiding potential scams.
    If you are unsure that the advertiser is genuine, please report them to us.
  • Is the rodent old enough to leave its mother?
    The majority of Rodents must be at least 6 weeks old before they can leave their mothers, with the exception of Guinea Pigs which should be at least 3 weeks old, Degus, Hamsters and Gerbils which should be at least 4 weeks old and Chinchillas, Pygmy Hedgehogs and Sugar Gliders which should be at least 8 weeks old.
  • Check the Health of the rodent
    It can be difficult for the average person to check if a pet is healthy or not, so if you decide to adopt or buy the pet, make sure that the seller agrees that you can return them within 48 hours for a full refund after taking the pet to a Vet of your choice for a health check. The seller should be willing to let you do this. If the pet has already been health checked by their own vet, make sure you get evidence for this in the form of vet records and phone their vet to confirm this.

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