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Labradoodle (Breed Info)
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Rescue Centre
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2017 years, 10 months old (More Info)

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Lovely Poppy a Labradoodle is our new little Starfish - brought in because of a marriage break up and her being left too long on her in the day. Her father was a Golden Retriever x Poodle and Mother Labrador x Poodle - you can really see the Golden Retriever in her.

She has gone into a foster home with two children 9 and 12, a young Labrador and a Hamster.

Poppy I know will get lots of interest but please read carefully as beautiful as she is we must make sure the home we find for her matches her needs and its a good match.

Poppy has settled into family life well, she gets on very well with the other young lab and is very good with the children. She sleeps with the oldest every night on his bed. Poppy has no malice in her and loves everyone - she thinks the world is a great exciting place and loves life.

Poppy has so much for going for her with her loving happy nature but she is not going to be for everyone. So here are the negatives. She has received very little training - she will jump up and bounce all over you if she can get away with it... She does not walk great on the lead and has a terrible recall. This is all basic training she really should have received as a young pup and has not which is such a shame - so would be no good having her with very young children at this stage as although she would not mean it she would knock them flying. She needs someone who will be happy to start dog training with her and teach her all these basics she should have learnt months ago. The recall will come its just pure excitement and she does not want to come back while she is having so much fun.

So although a lovely girl with a great nature she needs to learn her manners and basic training minimum to begin with.

Poppy is no coach potato and the home that would suit her best is a busy active home with plenty going on where she can be the centre of it - who ever homes her really must be there for the long haul not just because of getting a Labradoodle cheap!!!!

She is fine being left and is not destructive but not completely house trained and has had a few accidents.

Poppy is still very much a puppy at heart and very immature for her age so somebody looking for a crazy outgoing wonder temperament dog then she is one for you..

I forgot to say the Hamster has to live in the bathroom now for his own safety so no small furries...

All homes will be home checked. Please apply in the first instance for our questionnaire which answers all our questions about yourself. [email removed]

Below are links to a couple of videos of the lovely lass



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