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2019 years, 7 months old (More Info)

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I have for sale my gorgeous pair of Lutino Lovebirds, they have full yellow bodies with red chest and masked face :)
They are male and female and can be told apart from the cuff on their ankles. They are 18 months old and proper little characters!!
Very cheeky and will make you laugh! They love having baths (for which i brought a hooded bath to stop the wetting of surrounding furniture).
They LOVE apples (not the core!!) bananas and carrot sticks! Their cage is also included in this low low price which contains 3 perches, several openings, 4 food and water bowls, 2 swings, plus toys mirrors and bells! They have not been hand reared but have never bitten me! i regularly have my hands in there to clean etc and they just move to the other side of the cage, but at night when its tidy they come down and 'chatter' to me :)
Reason for sale: Would prefer the birds to be rehomed with someone that has the patience to train them so they can be enjoying life to their full potential! :) They used to love coming out and having a fly around but my partner has a huge fear! Sad sale really but i want to do whats best for their quality of life.

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