French Bulldogs: Frequently asked questions

French Bulldogs: Frequently asked questions

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French Bulldogs have been one of the most popular companions and family pets in the UK for many years and for good reason. Not only are they incredibly cute, but Frenchies as they are lovingly called are also super-intelligent and loyal too. Throughout history, these charming little dogs found favour with royals and nobility alike thanks to their endearing characters and looks. To find out more about French Bulldogs the frequently asked questions below tells you about their looks, natures as well as their lovely personalities.

What does a French Bulldog look like?

French Bulldogs with their upright bat-like ear, scrunched up wrinkly faces and lovely, large expressive eyes are incredibly cute when young, but they grow into gorgeously chunky adult dogs with their muscular bodies, short well-muscled legs and charming jowls which gives them the impression of having a serious outlook on life. But this could not be farther from the truth, because Frenchies are playful and mischievous by nature well into their senior years.

Do French Bulldogs have tails?

Yes, French Bulldogs have short tails that are thicker at the base and taper to the tips, but their tails never curl over their backs.

Are French Bulldogs healthy?

Frenchies are known to suffer from quite a few health issues which means that very often vet bills can be high.

Are French Bulldogs barkers?

French Bulldogs are not generally known to be “barkers” although there is always the exception to the rule. With this said, training a Frenchie is quite easy which in short means they can be taught not to voice an opinion unless asked to.

Do French Bulldogs shed a lot?

Frenchies are not heavy shedders and only shed more during the spring and autumn when they lose their undercoats. Brushing a Frenchie more frequently helps keep on top of loose and shed hair.

Are French Bulldogs easy maintenance?

Frenchies are high-maintenance because they are prone to suffering from quite a few health issues which can mean frequent visits to the vet.

What is the life expectancy of a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs being small in stature can live anything from 12 to 16 years and even longer if they are well cared for and fed an appropriate diet to suit the different stages of their lives.

How much does a full grown French Bulldog weigh?

Frenchies like their food and are prone to gaining too much weight if not given enough daily physical exercise. The breed’s ideal weight for females is 11 kg whereas males are slightly heavier at 12.5 kg.

How many hours a day do French Bulldogs sleep?

Frenchie puppies can sleep most of the day away and they need to because they need all their energy to grow and develop properly. However, once they are a little older, dogs tend to sleep for anything between 12 to 14 hours a day. In their golden years, a Frenchie might need to sleep longer too.

Are French Bulldogs aggressive?

French Bulldogs are social by nature more especially when well socialised from a young enough age. With this said, Frenchies are “big” dogs in a small dog’s body and they have an “attitude” to prove it. However, rarely would a nicely handled Frenchie show any sort of aggressive behaviour towards people they know or have never met before.

Are French Bulldogs fussy eaters?

Frenchies like their food and are not generally fussy eaters which is why they can put on too much weight if not correctly exercised and fed the right amount of food every day to suit their ages.

Do French Bulldogs snore?

Frenchies do snore all thanks to their short muzzles. They make some funny sounds which includes grunting, snuffling and snorting too. When they are older and if they have heavier jowls/loose lips, some French Bulldogs can slobber too more especially when they have a drink of water.

Can French Bulldogs swim?

French Bulldogs cannot swim and care should always be taken whenever they are near water just in case they fall in and get themselves into trouble.

Are French Bulldogs easy to house-train

Frenchies are notoriously hard to house-train and it takes time and patience when teaching a puppy where to do their business.

Do French Bulldogs get on with cats and other animals?

French Bulldogs are social by nature and do get on with cats and other pets they already know. They are generally good around other dogs too.

How much is a French Bulldog?

Because French Bulldogs are top dog when it comes to “popularity”, they can command a lot of money with a well-bred Kennel Club registered Frenchie costing anything from £1,000 to well over £2,000, bearing in mind that the KC recognised breed colours are very specific and that “rare” colours are highly undesirable because of the health issues associated with them. According to our price statistics on Pets4Homes, the average price for a KC registered French Bulldog is £1,530 and for a non KC registered dog, it is£1,337.The only accepted KC breed colours are Fawn, Brindle and Pied. Another factor that contributes to their high cost is that breeding Frenchies is not that easy with the majority of well-bred dams having to be artificially inseminated. The reason being that female Frenchies have such narrow hips which makes mating naturally very difficult. On top of this, puppies typically have to be delivered by caesarean section because they have such large heads.

Looking for further information on French Bulldogs?

To find out more about French Bulldogs, check out our Frenchie breed profile here.

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