Is the Eurasier dog a good choice of pet?

Is the Eurasier dog a good choice of pet?

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The Eurasier dog, also sometimes called the Eurasian, is a dog from the spitz grouping that originates in Germany, and has a large, thick-coated and woolly appearance. Standing up to 23.5” tall at the withers and weighing up to 70b, with males being larger than females, the Eurasier dog is somewhat similar to the wolf, as are many dogs of the spitz type.

They are a medium sized breed that can be seen in virtually any colouration or combination of colours, aside from liver, pure white or with white patches. They have a dense, thick undercoat to keep them warm, covered by a longer topcoat consisting of guard hairs to protect them from the wind and rain. Their coats are luxurious and very fluffy, but do shed heavily and can be prone to matting.

The breed is a relatively recent development, only having gained formal recognition by most mayor Kennel Clubs within the last thirty years. It is also worth noting for potential owners that dogs sold as pure bred Eurasiers without the proper accompanying breed paperwork should be examined carefully, as unscrupulous breeders sometimes try to pass off Chow Chow-Keeshond crosses as Eurasier dogs.

If you are wondering if the Eurasier dog is the right choice of pet for you and you wish to find out more about them, in this article we will look at the temperament and care requirements of the breed in more detail. Read on to learn more.

What is their temperament like?

The Eurasier is known as a level headed, even-tempered dog that is generally calm and yet alert and watchful. They make for good watchdogs and will usually alert their owners to the approach of a stranger, but they are not known for being aggressive or overly defensive. They bond strongly with their families and are very loving with their human pack, requiring a lot of company and not thriving if left alone for long periods of time.

Unlike many other spitz-dogs with roughly similar appearances such as the Siberian husky, the Eurasier was deliberately bred as a pet and a companion dog, rather than a working dog, making them better suited to domestic life than many other breeds. They do not thrive if kennelled with a working pack or kept outdoors, and like to live within the home as part of the family.

They are quiet and well-mannered within the home, but lively and fun loving when out of doors, and rarely bark or make a fuss without a good reason.

How much exercise do they need?

The Eurasier is a large and lively dog when outside that loves to play and explore, and they should be given plenty of opportunity to do this. They should be walked at least twice to three times per day on the lead for a reasonable amount of time, and also be permitted to run freely and play off the lead. Providing that they get enough exercise and can satisfy their natural curiosity and desire to explore, they will be perfectly happy to relax and chill out when at home.

Are they easy to train?

The Eurasier dog is a sensitive soul that very much respects their owners and tries hard to attain their approval, making them very amenable to training. They do best when trained by their owners rather than a stranger, and benefit from plenty of praise and reassurance, without harsh words.

Do they have a strong prey drive?

The Eurasier dog does not have an innate working history as a hunting dog, but like all dogs, they naturally possess a prey drive at some level, which can vary from dog to dog. Like all dogs, they should be trained for good recall and not permitted to chase wildlife or cats outside of the home, but they are not as challenging to control in terms of prey drive as many other breeds.

Are they good with other dogs?

Eurasier dogs are not hugely pack-orientated, as they are not used to being housed in working groups or kennels. However, they generally get on perfectly well with other dogs providing that they are properly socialised and exposed to other dogs when still young, and can happily share their home with another dog, and will often enjoy their company.

What sort of homes do they suit?

The Eurasier dog is a rather heavy shedder, which sheds their coat throughout the year and a couple of times per year, will shed very heavily, making clearing up after them an ongoing process! They also require regular brushing and grooming to remove loose hair.

They get on well with children of all ages, and are often very affectionate with kids, making them well suited to families of all types. They require a medium to large home but can also be happy in a moderately sized home providing that they get enough exercise.

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