More information on the Kromfohrlander dog

More information on the Kromfohrlander dog

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The Kromfohrlander is the youngest dog breed in Germany, and one that is only now beginning to be exported in reasonable numbers to other countries. They were actually first created accidentally in the period following the Second World War, when two mixed-breed or mongrel dogs mated and produced a litter of surprisingly attractive, uniform-looking puppies. Since then, they have been deliberately bred to repeat this result, and are reputed to be excellent all-round family dogs, which also benefit from the inherent advantages of hybrid vigour.

The exact breed history of the Kromfohrlander is unknown, but it is widely thought that the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen and the fox terrier both comprise part of their ancestry.

The Kromfohrlander can be seen with either a short, long or wirehaired coat, which is mainly white with brown or tan markings. Their appearance shares some similarities with smaller dogs from the terrier grouping, and it is thought that working terriers may have had some part to play in the breed’s history. They are bright, plucky and lively little dogs, which very much enjoy the company of people and love spending time with their families. Notably, the Kromfohrlander has a low to non-existent prey drive, and is highly unlikely to try to chase wildlife and smaller animals outside of the home.

If you are interested in this very modern breed of dog and are wondering if the Kromfohrlander is the right choice of dog for you, in this article we will look at the temperament and core traits of the Kromfohrlander in more detail. Read on to learn more.

What is their temperament like?

The Kromfohrlander is an excellent family dog and all-round companion, which does not have a history in any role other than as a domestic pet. They are notably excellent with children, good natured, keen to please, and not prone to dominance. The breed can be slightly shy around strangers, but is not likely to be aggressive. While they make for poor guard dogs, they are watchful and quick to alert their owners of the approach of a stranger, and so can make for good watchdogs.

The breed as a whole is very adaptable and capable of thriving within a wide range of different types of living situation, and they are generally quiet, well behaved and non-destructive within the home. They are affectionate little dogs that like to have company, and love to curl up on the sofa with their owners to relax.

They are kind, entertaining and lively, and are keen to please, gentle with people, and well behaved.

How much exercise do they require?

The Kromfohrlander is a lively little dog that likes to spend time outside, and thrives with lots of interactive play and on the lead walks. They are busy, energetic dogs that need to be exercised at least two-three times per day, and that thrive on a lot of variety and being able to visit new places. Assuming that their exercise requirements are met, the breed is calm and quiet within the home.

Are they easy to train?

Kromfohrlanders try hard to please their owners and handlers, and benefit from calm, kind and clear positive reinforcement training with lots of variety. Training can be begun from an early age, and the breed is capable of retaining a fairly wide range of skills, and can even be taught to perform tricks! They learn quickly and enjoy fun, interesting training, interspersed with plenty of periods of play.

Do they have a strong prey drive?

Interestingly, the breed as a whole is particularly renowned for an almost total disinterest in chasing smaller animals, and it is possible that the breed over all has the lowest prey drive of any pedigree breed. While every dog should be treated as an individual and managed accordingly, the Kromfohrlander dog is reputed to pay virtually no attention to passing wildlife or cats that most other breeds would naturally view as a potential meal!

Are they good with other dogs?

The Kromfohrlander requires plenty of exposure to other dogs from an early age, and good socialisation to teach them the necessary skills to get along with others. Assuming that this is achieved, the Kromfohrlander is generally very personable with other dogs, and will happily share their home with a canine companion.

What sort of homes do they require?

The breed is considered to be very versatile and capable of living happily within many different types of home environments, and they are equally happy in homes large or small. They get on well with children of all ages, and are kind and affectionate with their families, forming strong bonds with everyone that they live with. They are generally quiet, non-destructive and not messy within the home, assuming that they receive adequate stimulation, and are highly recommended for dog lovers of all types, from experienced handlers to the first time owner.

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