Seven great ways to get your dog involved with Christmas

Seven great ways to get your dog involved with Christmas


As Christmas is fast approaching, much advice and information is offered to dog owners on how to ensure that their dogs stay safe and happy over the holiday season-but what about getting your pooch into the holiday spirit themselves?

Dogs love to be involved in everything that their families do, and they soon pick up on the excitement and whirlwind of activity that accompanies the season itself, so if you are looking for ideas on some fun ways to get your dog into the Christmas spirit this year, read on for our suggestions!

1. Get your dog a festive outfit

Not all dogs will enjoy being dressed up for Christmas, so if your dog is determined to be the Grinch, let them be! However, some dogs are perfectly happy to try out a new outfit or fancy dress, and particularly for smaller dogs like the Chihuahua and the Pug, lots of different outfits and coats with a festive theme can be found offered for sale all over the place!

Even if you decide that a festive outfit is likely to annoy your dog rather than entertain them, consider getting them a festive collar or coat for the cooler days, to wear for special occasions when the whole family are showing off their new Christmas jumpers!

2. Pick the perfect presents!

There’s no reason why dogs should be left out of the gift giving on the day itself, and picking out some great toys and treats for your dog and then watching them go loopy when presented with their spoils is well worth the effort!

Buy your dog a few treats such as toys and other things that they like and wrap them loosely in paper only with no tape or string, and let your dog dive in and “unwrap” their new haul! This can understandably prove a little messy when the wrapping paper is flying, but it is well worth it for the added entertainment value!

Remember to keep your dog’s haul of presents away from everyone else’s, so that your dog does not dive in indiscriminately!

3. Bake some festive treats

While you’re cooking up some shortbread and other delicious treats for your family and friends to enjoy, don’t forget about your dog! It is really quick and easy to cook up your own dog treats at home, and lots of recipes are available on the internet to get you started-check out these ideas to get you going!

Just use a Christmas tree-shaped cookie cutter or other festive touch, and your dog can enjoy their own supply of yummy biscuits when the rest of the family starts in on the Christmas food and treats!

4. Take your dog to visit someone

The run-up to Christmas when everyone’s work starts winding down for the year and the schools break up give many families the chance to visit their friends and relatives to exchange gifts and enjoy a drink together before the day itself.

If you’re going out dropping off cards or gifts to your friends, or getting together for a drink with the family, why not ask if you can take your dog along with you? Going out in the car, visiting somewhere new and getting the chance to sniff around someone else’s home and maybe stop for a walk on the way back are all likely to be your dog’s idea of an excellent day out, so take them along if you can!

5. Go carolling

Carolling isn’t as common as it used to be in days gone by, but many church groups and even nondenominational charities will go carolling in the run-up to Christmas to raise money for good causes, and they are often keen to get extra people on board to belt out the tunes!

Find out if any local groups will be carolling in your area and ask if you might be able to go along with your dog, for fun and companionship for an evening in the run up to Christmas day.

6. Take a Christmas day stroll

It is important to ensure that on Christmas day, your dog gets their meals and walks at the normal times, and that their routine is not disrupted too much. However, something that dogs never mind is an added walk or activity, so take a stroll before or after your big meal to build up your appetite or help you to digest all that turkey, and your dog can enjoy a quiet, relaxing walk in the cool December weather.

7. Have a puppy party!

If you really want to give your dog the best Christmas possible, why not hold a puppy party-for dogs of all ages! Get some friends with dogs that are sociable, trustworthy and that all get on well together round for a couple of hours, and share some of those homemade dog treats and show off your pooch’s Christmas outfit. Remember to keep numbers small so that things don’t get out of hand, and plan ahead so that there are enough resources to go around!

Merry Christmas, Fido!



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