The Chart Polski - The Polish Greyhound

The Chart Polski - The Polish Greyhound

This lovely breed is fast and lean and they boast being part of the Greyhound family. The Chart Polski, also known as the Polish Greyhound, is a sighthound that enjoys nothing better than running and spending time in the great outdoors. However, these rather elegant canines are also extremely protective of the people they love as well as their homes and territory which is an unusual trait in a sighthound.

Bigger & Heavier Than Their Greyhound Cousins

The Chart Polski boasts being heavier and somewhat bigger than their greyhound cousins with another difference being in their temperament. Greyhounds are known to be gentle characters making them the perfect choice for first-time dog owners. However, the Chart Polski might well be a little too much for the novice owner to handle and this is not only because of their size, strength and speed ,but their sheer determination and their desire to protect their territory. This all adds up to them needing to be handled with an experienced firm but gentle hand. Their training also needs to be consistent and it has to start at an early age.

Although a Chart Polski is affectionate to their owners, they tend to be quite aggressive towards other dogs which means they need to be kept on a lead if taken in a park where other owners exercise their dogs. The breed is built for speed and they have an instinctive desire to chase just about anything that moves which can be a problem because it often means they forget their training. It is far safer to let a Chart Polski off their leads in a very secure, fenced off area so they can cavort to their heart's content and not get themselves into trouble.

A Little Background History of the Breed

The breed originates from Poland and the literal translation of their name means Polish Sighthound. Their ancestors hunted foxes, hare, deer and wolves and first appeared on the scene around the early 19th century. However, there is a record of these dogs that dates way back to the 16th century.

Luckily, a few of the breed survived Poland's rather turbulent history during the 19th and 20th centuries so by the eighties, dog lovers in Poland began setting about restoring the numbers of this very attractive sighthound. The breed standard for the Chart Polski is based on paintings of the dog by 19th century artists namely Juliusz Kossak, Alfreda Wierusz-Kowalski and Jozef Brandt.

A Rare Breed to Find Outside of Poland

Although the breed is recognised by the United Kennel Club and the Polish Kennel Club, it can be very hard to find these gorgeous canines other than in their native Poland. Things are changing with more passionate breeders in the States and other countries making sure the Chart Polski is brought to the attention of avid dog lovers and especially people who love elegant sighthounds.

A Lovely Temperament & Outgoing Personality

The Chart Polski loves to be given lots of attention and is always more than willing to show how happy they are with some very enthusiastic tail wagging. In the home, they are wonderfully quiet and well mannered canines that take great care when they are around toddlers and young children. This makes them the ideal choice for those with younger families. With this said, it is never a good idea to leave very young children alone with any breed of dog, as such they should never be left unattended.

Not That Good Around Small Pets & Cats

These lovely dogs are not good around small animals and cats because their instinct is to hunt and it is so strong that it tends to take president over any training they may have received, not matter how early this was started or how good the training actually was. The thing to bear in mind, is that a Chart Polski is a very adept and persistent hunter and one that reacts super fast when chasing their prey – if your neighbours have cats, you would need to warn them of this so they can prevent their precious felines from straying into your garden.

Training Has to Start Early and Be Consistent

It is really important to start training puppies early because a Chart Polski is a very clever canine and even at eight week's old is capable of understanding and soaking up everything they are taught. It would be a big mistake to start their education and training later because you might just end up with a rather headstrong and unmanageable dog.

You should also start socialising a Chart Polski at a young age as soon as they have had all their shots that is, because as previously mentioned, the breed is very territorial and protective by nature so the earlier they are introduced to things the better. You should start inviting friends and family over when your dog is still a puppy so they learn how to respond, react and behave around people they are not familiar with.


The Chart Polski is an extremely elegant looking sighthound. They are heavier and bigger than they greyhound cousins and they have an extremely strong hunting instinct which means they are not that good around small pets and cats. However, around the people they know, these nice looking canines are affectionate and loyal to such an extent it makes them loveable characters to share a home with. They are a great choice for people with young children but not such a good choice for first time dog owners, because these clever canines need to be handled with an experienced, firm yet gentle hand.

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