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Greyhound puppies for sale

8 Greyhound puppies for sale

The Greyhound is an elegant, graceful dog that has found its way into the hearts and homes of many people over the years both here in the UK and elsewhere in the world, and for good reason. They are known for being wonderful companions and family pets who form strong bonds with their owners, making them an enjoyable companion.

Read our Greyhound Buying Advice page for information on this dog breed.

Greyhound dogs for sale in Parr, St. Helens - Advert 1
9 hours

Greyhound cross

GreyhoundAge: 2 years1 male
Here is our lovely lad Billy who is looking for a new home. He is mostly greyhound with a dash of terrier. He lives out his days usually sleeping on his back, feet in the air. He also loves to have
Andrew M.
Saint Helens
Greyhound dogs for sale in Almondbury, Huddersfield - Advert 2
3 days

Greyhound x lurcher

GreyhoundAge: 9 months1 male
Hi, this is Mario. Due to no fault of his own I am having to rehome this beautiful chap, we bought him a couple months ago with intentions that this would be his forever home but shortly after he sett
Olivia M.
Olivia M.
Greyhound dogs for sale in Earnley, Chichester - Advert 3
1 week

Lovely gentle female greyhound

GreyhoundAge: 3 years1 female
Retired racing greyhound, She is such a sweet laid back girl she loves to go for a walk she has to be kept on a lead when out walking because she will just wonder of,so we bring her to a secure dog pa
Connor P.
Connor P.
Greyhound dogs for sale in Muckley Corner, Lichfield - Advert 4
2 weeks

Dot ex racer needs loving home

GreyhoundAge: 7 years
Dot is a black ex racing Greyhound who urgently needs rehoming. She has a beautiful loving nature & can run with other medium sized dogs. Dot is registered with the GBGB so a home check will be requir
Philip Naylor
Greyhound dogs for sale in Muckley Corner, Lichfield - Advert 5
2 weeks

JET ex racer needs home urgently

GreyhoundAge: 6 years
"Jet " A Blue Beautiful loving Greyhound needs a home urgently. Blue is registered with GBGB & new owners will have to be home checked. Jet can run with medium sized female dogs but we don't recommend
Philip Naylor
Greyhound dogs for sale in Boston - Advert 6
3 weeks

American Catahoula Leopard

GreyhoundAge: 10 months1 male
This is our beautiful amber/blue eyed dog Alfie, Alfie is an American Catahoula Leopard dog which comes from the Louisiana State, he is a medium sized dog and requires a lot of attention and love, but
Jolanta M.
Greyhound dogs for sale in Penn Fields, Wolverhampton - Advert 7
1 month

Saluki whippet greyhound

GreyhoundAge: 9 months1 female
8 month old female. Her name is Bo. Very good with children, very lovable, very playful and very well behaved.
Rickie R.
Rickie R.
Greyhound dogs for sale in Tinwell, Stamford - Advert 8
1 month

greyhound cross labrador

GreyhoundAge: 4 years1 male
it’s with a really heavy heart that I have to let go of my beautiful baby boy RALPH! He’s been with me through so many times since he was 15 weeks old and it breaks my heart to have to rehome him.
Chloe B.