The personality traits of the Corgi dog

The personality traits of the Corgi dog

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The Corgi is an instantly recognisable little dog, with their alert ears, short legs, long bodies and association with The Queen! The Corgi actually falls as two different breeds; the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, each of which have some physical differences and differences in origins that has led to them being recognised as two breeds in their own right as opposed to one. However, both of the two different Corgi strains share a common history, and they have markedly similar temperaments and personality traits.

If you are wondering if a Corgi might be the right choice of dog for you and wish to find out more about their personalities and main traits, this article will explore these things in more detail.

Working dog history

Despite their small size, which often makes them popular among people who live in smaller homes, the Corgi is actually a very outgoing dog that is used to spending lots of time outside and on the go! The Corgi was traditionally used for herding and farm work, and they are intelligent, assertive little dogs that may have a tendency to stubbornness and trying to get their own way! Adept at chasing and herding livestock that is often much larger than themselves, size is no object for the little Corgi, and they may even attempt to herd their owners too!

Both of the two Corgi breeds can live happily within a family home if they get enough exercise and stimulation, but the Cardigan Welsh Corgi tends to make the transition more easily than the Pembroke.

Are Corgis noisy?

It is certainly fair to say that Corgis are not among the quietest of dogs, and often have a bark that is much larger than their small physical size belies! Corgis are naturally quick to bark and make a fuss when something gets their attention, and will bark when excited, at the sound of the door bell, when out on walks, and for many other reasons too!

The Corgi is a very alert and vigilant little dog, which will soon get to grips with their territory and their home turf, and will take it upon themselves to guard and patrol this, barking to let you know if something is amiss! However, they are also apt to bark for many other reasons too, and so a Corgi bark does not necessarily mean that someone is approaching!

Bonding and affection

One of the main reasons why the Corgi is such a popular pet and has such a strong human following is because they are so personable and loving with their families, as well as being faithful and loyal to the people that they have formed a bond with. Both the Pembroke and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi need to be well socialised with both other people and dogs, as they can tend to be wary or reserved with strangers if not properly introduced. However, they are also very spirited, entertaining and fun-loving little dogs that can provide hours of entertainment just watching them play with their favourite toys!

They very much enjoy living as part of a family and taking part in every aspect of family life, and do not like to be left out of things! If your kids like to play outside a lot and you generally lead an active life that you are happy to involve your dog in, your Corgi is likely to thrive.

When comparing the Pembroke Welsh Corgi to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, like for like, the Cardigan tends to be slightly more chilled out and laid back.

Meeting strangers

Corgis require quite a lot of socialisation to instil in them an appreciation of and respect for people that they do not know, and they do tend to be rather reserved and sometimes aloof when they meet other dogs or people for the first time.

Lots of exposure to various stimulus and also other dogs and people is important for the Corgi, and this should begin at an early age. While the Corgi has a reasonably strong prey drive, and can be tenacious, determined and feisty, they can generally be trained and managed to live successfully with both other dogs, and smaller pets such as cats. Corgis will not put up with a lot of teasing or poor treatment by children, but if they are introduced to and socialised with children who are also taught how to behave around the dog, they will generally get on famously, play together enthusiastically, and become firm friends.

Corgi intelligence

The Corgi is an intelligent little dog that very much enjoys learning new skills, and is generally easy to train and very amenable to learning. They are keen to work hard and are very persistent, and if they find a favourite game such as chasing a ball, will usually be happy to do this for hours on end! They like to be mentally challenged as well as physically, so it is a good idea to devise organised games that your Corgi can learn, to allow them to both receive physical and mental stimulation.

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