What dog breeds are the most popular in 2018?

What dog breeds are the most popular in 2018?

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As the UK’s largest and most popular pet classifieds website, Pets4Homes knows a thing or two about dogs, and what people are looking for when they search for a new canine companion.

Last March, we published a list of the ten most popular dog breeds in the UK for 2017, based on user adverts and searches, to show you the movers and shakers of the canine world and which breeds are on the up – and on their way down.

We’ve collated information from across our website again this March, to produce a brand-new list of the most popular dog breeds for 2018, and show you how they compare to last year’s top pups.

Keep reading to see if your favourite breed is on the list – or if they didn’t quite make the grade!

Number 10: The Staffordshire bull terrier

The Staffordshire bull terrier has held onto their place in the top ten for another year, but they’ve actually fallen in popularity slightly, having lost their previous ninth place position. This is the second year running that the breed has slipped down the rankings – in 2016, the breed was the sixth most popular UK dog, so it remains to be seen if they’ll still make the list next year!

Both Kennel Club registered pedigree Staffys with papers and Staffy types remain very popular across the UK nonetheless, thanks to their friendly, outgoing personalities and loving natures.

Number 9: The German shepherd

The German shepherd is a very consistent breed when it comes to the top ten favourite UK dogs, although again, they tend to fall towards the bottom end of the list.

The German shepherd has improved their position by one place this year, going from tenth place to ninth over the course of the last year – which puts them back where they were in 2016, and means that they have pushed the tenth-placed Staffy out of their ninth-place spot.

German shepherds are large, very loyal dogs that form strong bonds with their families, and that are also well suited to a wide and versatile range of working roles.

Number 8: The Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is another breed that is slowly slipping down the rankings year on year – taking the eighth place spot for 2018 after losing two spaces to slip down from their previously held sixth place position. The Shih Tzu also dropped from fifth to sixth in 2016, so whilst the breed still falls firmly within the top ten, it would seem to be the case that their popularity is on the wane.

The Shih Tzu is a small and very regal dog breed, with a luxurious, flowing coat that requires a lot of attention!

Number 7: The English bulldog

Britain’s unofficial mascot is one dog breed that has an enduring appeal for owners of all types, and the English bulldog is holding firm around the middle of the pack, seeing a slight uptick in popularity this year, when they moved from eight place into seventh.

The English bulldog is short, muscular and very distinctive, but they do have a hereditary predisposition to a range of health problems, which can often be lessened or prevented with responsible breeding.

Number 6: The Cocker spaniel

The UK’s most popular spaniel breed is the Cocker spaniel, and they’re also popular enough to have earned themselves a place in the top ten once again in 2018. However, they have dropped a popularity point this year, falling from fifth place to sixth.

This is a small to medium-sized spaniel breed that makes for a great pet, and that is also versatile enough to fulfil working roles and take part in canine sport too.

Number 5: The Labrador Retriever

The popular, versatile Labrador retriever almost invariably pops up in the top five list of dog breeds ranked by popularity, but they’ve fallen down a place this year from fourth to fifth.

They are a medium to large breed that are very lively, loving and gentle, and can perhaps be counted as the most versatile dog breed of all, given their ability to work, partake in sport, assist people with disabilities and of course, serve as top class pets!

Number 4: The Cockapoo

First of all, it is important to mention the fact that the Cockapoo isn’t a pedigree dog breed, and they are actually a cross or hybrid of two other breeds – the Cocker spaniel and the poodle. Taking this into account, their fourth place in popularity is no mean feat, and the Cockapoo has even beaten out both of their two parent breeds in popularity this year!

The Cockapoo rose from seventh to fourth place this year – an increase in popularity for the second year running, with their 2016 ranking placing them in tenth.

This is one dog that looks to be posing a real challenge to the breeds in the top three positions in coming years!

Number 3: The Pug

The ever-popular pug has retained their enduring appeal for 2018, standing firm on their rather short little legs in third place in the rankings. This is the third year running that the pug has taken third place, so it looks like the Cockapoo still has some work to do to knock them from their spot!

The pug is a small, comical and very loving dog breed, but dogs of the breed that are bred for excessively exaggerated features can be prone to health problems.

Number 2: The Chihuahua

The little Chihuahua might be tiny, but they’ve clearly made a big impact here in the UK, with the breed retaining their second place ranking for the second year running. Back in 2016, the Chihuahua was actually the most popular breed of all – so whilst they’ve been knocked from the top spot, it is clear that this popular toy dog breed isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Number 1: The French bulldog

The French bulldog really pulled out all the stops to get to number one position – and retain their dominance for the second year running. The French bulldog first pipped the Chihuahua to the post in 2016, and they’ve stood firm in pole position ever since.

This is especially interesting when you take into account the fact that the breed as a whole was very uncommon within the UK as recently as a decade ago, but their comical characters and cute appearance soon captured the nation’s hearts.

However, like their English cousins, the French bulldog is prone to health problems if certain physical traits are overexaggerated by poorly thought out selective breeding.

How did your favourite dog breed measure up? Check back next year to see what happens! For a full list of over 200 dog breeds sorted by popularity, visit our Pets4Homes Dog Breed Selector.



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