What Your Choice of Dog Say About You?

What Your Choice of Dog Say About You?

Life As A Pet Parent

There are so many different dog breeds around, some small, others large, some cuter than cute and others a little stranger looking. The one thing all of them have in common, is that they bring a huge amount of happiness and joy into their owner's lives. Over the years, people have come to judge a person on the type of dog they choose to share their lives with, and although this sort of stereotyping does not always ring true, there are times when it does!

How Did You Make Your Decision?

The wisest way of choosing the type of dog to suit both your lifestyle and personality, is to do as much research on a breed as possible before making your final decision. Naturally, it's also important that you contact a reputable and well established breeder so the puppy you eventually bring home with you is a happy, healthy, well socialised and confident character.

It goes without saying that people who lead busy, outdoor lives would not choose to share their homes with a small and cute lap dog, but rather a more outgoing character like a Border Collie, a dog that likes to be out and about rather than stuck indoors. This naturally contributes to the fact that a dog can say a lot about their owners!

The Loyal and Trusty Labrador Retriever

Over the years the Labrador Retriever has earned the reputation of being a loyal, and trusty family pet whatever colour they happen to be. If you are seen out and about with one of these dogs, most people will think you have children because these dogs are so reliable when they are with the kids. The other thing that most people will think is that you are just as friendly as the dog you have on the end of your lead!

The Hyperactive Border Collie

If you share your home with a busy and active Border Collie, people will typically think of you as an outgoing person who likes nothing more than to be out in the great outdoors whenever you can - with your dog in tow. These high energy dogs do not enjoy being left inside the house for any length of time, much preferring to be running and checking what's going on in the garden, park or countryside. If you lead a more sedentary life, choosing a Border Collie puppy could end up being a serious mistake for both you, your family and your dog!

The Ultra-loyal German Shepherd

For a very long time, the German Shepherd has been among one of the most popular breeds on the planet whether they are kept as pets or working dogs. There is a very good reason why the breed is so respected throughout the world, they are intelligent and ultra-loyal, they instinctively protect their owners and their property because it's deeply embedded in their natures to do so. As such, most people see owners of German Shepherd dogs as being people who should not be messed with a stranger would always think twice about entering into a house uninvited if it's shared with one of these handsome dogs and ultra-loyal canine companions!

The British Bulldog

One of the most charming dogs on the planet, the British Bulldog has a lot going for them both in the looks department and character-wise too! If there is one thing that you can count on it's the fact that the breed's impressive looks will either win a person's heart over or it will make them stand off a little - just in case. When puppies, the British Bulldog has to be one of the cutest animals around and they grow up to be pretty lovely looking adults too. Most people see these dogs as belonging to single people who like to spend time curled up on a couch watching a good movie or two with their pet at their feet or snuggled up beside them!

The Attractive and Busy Australian Cattle Dog

These dogs boast wonderful looks and have lovely personalities to match. Made famous the world over by the film Mad Max, the Australian Cattle dog is fast becoming a household name in other parts of the world other than their native homeland. The breed is known to be a high energy dog and not the sort of character that people who lead quiet lives generally own. With this said, people typically think of anyone who shares their home with an Australian Cattle Dog as being an outgoing character who loves nothing more than heading off to the countryside to trek along some trails with their canine companion in tow. One thing that's worth noting, is that Australian Cattle Dogs like to be tidy and clean, often putting their toys away and picking up after the kids too!

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