British Longhair Cats and Kittens for sale

3 British Longhair Cats and Kittens for sale

The British Longhair is known for being a calm, affectionate, and loving cat with an independent side to their nature, which in short means they are never overly demanding. Although they have been around for a long time, unlike the British Shorthair, the British Longhair is not recognised as a breed by the GCCF, although it is recognised by TICA. The only real difference between a British Shorthair and a British Longhair is the length of their coat.

Read our British Longhair Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

British Longhair cats for sale in Potters Bar - Advert 1
6 days
We have beautiful 3 kittens looking for their new homes 🏡 They mix breed British longhair daddy pedigree Fully cat litter trained Eating dry and wet food Very playful and friendly Kittens will gr...
6 days
British Longhair
Age: 13 weeks
British Longhair cats for sale in Barry - Advert 2
6 days
Lovely little girl for sale she is Little trained she has a good temperament full of fun only reason for sale is my 5 mouth baby allergic she has beautifully blue eyes if interested please message or ...
6 days
British Longhair
Age: 5 months
1 female
British Longhair cats for sale in Barnstaple - Advert 3
3 weeks
I have 2 little males available for their new homes on the 8th October when they're 8 weeks old, mum is a short haired black and white cat and dad is a Long haired Black and white, they will be flea a...
3 weeks
British Longhair
Age: 6 weeks
2 male


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