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Cavapoo Dogs and Puppies for sale in Wellingborough

2 Cavapoo Dogs and Puppies for sale in Wellingborough

Cavapoo dogs for sale in Great Oakley, Corby - Advert 1
1 week
***I am the original author of this advert which is edited from our last litter in 2020*** 🐾🐾🐾🐾 Our carefully planned pregnancy with our beautiful girl and handsome boy has arrived in October so with this exciting news we are opening up our waiting list for our F2 Cavapoochon Puppies. - Colours are Reds *This is much longer than a typical Pet Advert as we want you to be fully informed to make a correct decision for your family - please ensure you read all the way to the end* Dixie and Tucker are our family pets, both of our gorgeous fluffy teddybears are First Generation (F1) Cavapoochons. We are a family of 4 with 2 younger children, our 2 dogs will be the beautiful parents 'to be' so our puppies will, and be assured, be well rounded and used to activity in the home. *ABOUT THE PARENTS* Mum - Dark Apricot Cavapoochon, Fully Health Tested with Paperwork, the most loving girl we could have ever wished for, our first dog with the most adorable, playful, energetic nature who loves to relax with us. Dad - Dark red Cavapoochon with a white tuxedo marking on his chest. Tucker, his name suits him well...the kids call him Tuxedo sometimes. Again, fully Health Tested with Paperwork like Mum, he's a cheeky chap who idolises us all, very much a lap dog with the sweetest of nature who thinks Dixie is his world, he adores her! *EXTENSIVLY HEALTH TESTED PARENTS* 《Which means Puppies cannot and will not inherit any of these conditions》 HEALTH TESTS FOR BOTH PARENTS INCLUDE - *Tested and Cleared* • DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY • PRA - PRCD • GANGLIOSIDOISIS VARIANTS • VON WILLERBAND DISEASE • MALIGNANT HYPERTHERMIA EXTRA TRI-BREED SPECIFIC TESTS FOR MUM AND DAD INCLUDE - *Tested and Cleared* • DRY EYE CURLY COAT SYNDROME • EPISODIC FALLING SYNDROME • OSTEOCHONDRODYSPLASIA *Parents are also cleared for-* • HEART • EYES •JOINTS *IS OUR BREED RIGHT FOR YOU?* Adorable puppy eyes and floppy ears, it’s easy to see why the Cavapoochon is becoming an increasingly popular dog breed. Cavapoochons are a cross between three breeds – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a Poodle and a Bichon Frise. They’re also known as ‘the dog that never grows old’, making them a desirable choice for dog owners looking for a small and cute pet that will maintain its puppy dog look for all its life. Our puppies will be F2 Cavapoochons, which is where we have mated our F1 Cavapoochon with our F1 Cavapoochon (1st generation Cavapoochon) to create an F2 Cavapoochon (a Second Generation) to still be able to have and create beautiful Cavapoochon Puppies and their well desired characteristics. *PHYSICAL CHARICTERISTICS* Cavapoochons are famous for their teddy bear-like appearance. Their big round eyes also keep them looking like a puppy, even when they are fully grown. This is what makes them so attractive to dog owners – especially those with children. They’re also well known for their thick fleece coat and can develop curls or waves and quite often a litter Cavapoochons will have an array of coat types from their gene mix. The coat is mostly hypoallergenic too. It doesn’t shed or can be very low shedding depending on the most prevalent Gene and is therefore unlikely to trigger any allergies you may have. This makes the breed perfect for people who are allergic to other dogs, although being hypoallergenic is never guaranteed. *WATCHING YOUR PUPPY GROW FROM AFAR* We want you to be part of this beautiful stage of your chosen puppies life and development as much we possibly can, we will send you pictures, updates & videos so that you really can experience, enjoy and be a virtual part of their growing up while you eagerly wait for the excitement of your collection day to arrive. Please see the reviews from our last amazing families below.....we are still all in touch and watch all our puppies grow, they are still part of our world. *OUR HUNT FOR THE PERFECT HOMES* Our priorities sit with our puppies and they will only be going to 5* homes. If you show an interest in our puppies you will first be sent a questionnaire so we can get an understanding of the future forever home which you offer. Please do not be offended if we ask for information on your family, work arrangements and pictures of your garden we want to be happy with our new families as much as we want you to be happy with us. Please understand our questions are to fully able us to make sure our puppies are going to an environment which is as safe and as loving as they will be leaving, and we are absolutely as happy to have and answer as many questions from you too. This is a joint decision for the happiness and best interests of our fur babies future and I hope you can understand if we feel one of our Puppies isn't right for you. *YOUR PUPPY WILL...* Come with... - Extensive vet health checks - First vaccinations - Microchipped - Puppy Food - 4 weeks free insurance - Flea and wormed at 2,4,6,8 weeks - Pet genetics lab copies from Both Parents With all the ab
1 week
Age: 7 weeks
4 male / 1 female
Cavapoo dogs for sale in Wellingborough - Advert 2
1 month
Safe deposit
We are so happy to announce that our family pets Minnie has become a mother of these gorgeous babies. She is cavachon and the father are poochon(photo included) Parents haven't had any problem with health,vaccination up to date. Minnie it's our family loving pet,she has calm nature, love playing with children,spend time outside and walking. All these little one will have a health check with vet,microchip,book,flea treatment and wormed before they leave our house.They also will be introduced to home appliances,children and other pets. They will finish 8 week on 26 dec.Will be r
1 month
Age: 5 weeks
3 female


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