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Cichlids fish for sale

22 Cichlids fish for sale

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Cichlids fish for sale in Tonypandy - Advert 1
7 hours

CICHLID FISH FOR SALE (mainly Malawis. Fpostage ✅

CichlidsAge: 14 weeks
Cichlids for sale - cheap start up - read whole list (livebearer and snails too) Tonypandy CF40 - post avaiable Fry available Brichardi - 4 for £10 Yellow lab - 5 for £10 Convict - 6 for £10
ANDREW J.ID verified
Cichlids fish for sale in Birkenhead - Advert 2
19 hours

Uaru Cichlids

CichlidsAge: 1 year
20 Uaru Juveniles ready for new homes. Cover photo is one of the parents £9ea or £15 a pair these go relatively big so please do your research Facebook - EG Aquatics Instagram - egaquaticswirral
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Cichlids fish for sale in Allerton, Liverpool - Advert 1
1 day

Selling my 4 corydoras panda

CichlidsAge: 12 weeks
Unfortunately I am having to sell my 4 corydoras panda because my Jack Dempsey is trying to eat them. In the ad it appears that they are cichlids but in reality they are catfish. Aquarium cleaners tha
Sarah M.
Cichlids fish for sale in Lower Morton, Bristol - Advert 2
3 days

Yellow-tail Acei Juveniles

CichlidsAge: 8 months
Approx. 10-15 Yellow-tail Acei Juveniles available. Bred in my own display tank. These fish make for really interesting aquarium fish and something a bit bigger than your usual tropical tank without
Steve W.
Cichlids fish for sale in Hinkshay, Telford - Advert 3
6 days

Malawi cichlids

CichlidsAge: 13 weeks
22 Electric blue Malawi cichlid fish. Roughly 1.5 inches longs . About 3-4 months old . £40 for all of them .
Sharon w.
Cichlids fish for sale in Newtown, Walsall - Advert 4
1 week

Albino Rainbow Shark

CichlidsAge: 4 years
Albino Rainbow Shark for sale. 4 inches approx. Reason for rehoming, downscaling tank to a goldfish tank. Shark is parasite and disease free and has been for 3 years. For any questions please do not h
BALKAAR B.ID verified
Cichlids fish for sale in Mawneys, Romford - Advert 5
1 week

Flowerhorn Flagtail

CichlidsAge: 1 year
for sale or swap,Flagtail is 14inch and female Flagtail is 7 inch , I’m looking for a male and any size or colour considered .
Scott D.
Cichlids fish for sale in Sutton, Ely - Advert 6
1 week

Juvenile yellow labs for sale

CichlidsAge: 4 months
I have these beautiful yellow lab juviniles for sale! They are about 2-3” These are beautiful fish they are mixed with my previous tank boss which was a mbuna, So these labs have beautiful blue fins
Dean C.
Cichlids fish for sale in Longbridge, Birmingham - Advert 7
1 week


CichlidsAge: 8 months
here I have between 13-16 African cichlids which I have raised my self from day 1 fry. they are very healthy. unfortunately they are getting to big for the tank and we cannot have a bigger tank until
Cam D.
Cichlids fish for sale in Lowton, Warrington - Advert 8
1 week

Custom Made Fish Tank 600l with Two FX6 filters

CichlidsAge: 8 weeks
Custom made 5ft fish tank which contains 650l of water. This is a very reluctant sale, but I am now giving up the hobby but in no rush to sell. I've spent over £2400 on this tank, including the two
Jack H.
Cichlids fish for sale in Sutton - Advert 9
2 weeks

Shell Dweller setup- Tank, equipment and fish

CichlidsAge: 8 months
For sale: Fish: breeding colony of shell dwellers (Multifaciatus) Tank: UNS 60l (60x20x20cm) with Diy lid Equipment: Filter: eheim mini up internal filter, heater, no light included.(But can include k
Alasdair M.
Cichlids fish for sale in Checkley, Stoke-on-Trent - Advert 10
2 weeks

3 x Malawis FREE ***

CichlidsAge: 2 years
Big one 6.5 inches other 2 2-4 inches Rehoming as I am downsizing my tank so need to get rid of a few fish unfortunately
joe r.
joe r.
Cichlids fish for sale in Old Fletton, Peterborough - Advert 11
2 weeks

Assorted JUMBO African Cichlid Mix ~ 10cm Plus

CichlidsAge: 2 years
Species – Assorted Large African Cichlid Mix 45 available The Cichlid mixes consist of: Haplochromis Pseudotropheus Nimbochromis Aulonocara Melanochromis Fossorochromis Current Size – 7cm - 8
Teodor R.
Teodor R.
Cichlids fish for sale in Brighouse - Advert 12
3 weeks


CichlidsAge: 1 year
I am getting rid of all my cichlids. They are all Mbuna I would also be open to selling the whole set up which is a jewel vision 260 with a fluval external filter as well as the internal one. Almost
THOMAS G.ID verified
Cichlids fish for sale in Clitheroe - Advert 13

Mixed Cichlids

CichlidsAge: 11 weeks
At least 20 cichlids and 2 parrot fish Some breeders, 2 baby fish that were born around a month ago. Can sell the 5ft, 450 litre juwel fish tank with a juwel day and night light. Tank comes with s
Mahni C.
Cichlids fish for sale in Burton Joyce, Nottingham - Advert 14
1 month

2 x Oscar Cichlids

CichlidsAge: 6 months
1 x Bumblee Oscar Cichlid approx 15-18” Long 1 x Albino Tiger Oscar Cichlid approx 14-16” Long £25 Each - £40 Pair They eat live food or pellets and have been kept as a pair but can separate.
Tim R.
Tim R.
Cichlids fish for sale in Netley Abbey, Southampton - Advert 15
1 month

Aqua One Full Set Fish Tank 450L

CichlidsAge: 2 years
Stunning Aqua One 450l full set up fish tank FOR SALE. There are approx 40 Malawi mix fish,including breading pairs and many young in the rocks. Around 100kg ocean rocks inside and coral gravel. Eq
Emilia G.
Emilia G.
Cichlids fish for sale in Meridian Business Park, Leicester - Advert 16
1 month

Green Terror Juveniles

CichlidsAge: 7 months
I have 6 juvenile Green Terrors available just beginning to colour up. Would like to sell together as need the tank space. Also have a breeding pair available, make a fair offer... Convicts, Dovii,
4Ever Fish
4Ever FishID verified
Cichlids fish for sale in Luton - Advert 17
1 month

Lake Malawi chiclids

CichlidsAge: 8 months
I have lake Malawi chiclids babies for sale Yellow labs Malawi blue dolphins Red and blue zebras Calico and strawberry aulonocara And common bristlenose plecos All Baby fish priced at £2 each or
Katie W.
Cichlids fish for sale in Hackbridge, Wallington - Advert 18
1 month

Tiger Oscar cichlid

CichlidsAge: 1 year
Gorgeous Oscar fish for sale! This stunning and intelligent aquatic beauty will add elegance to your aquarium. With vibrant colors, playful personality, and graceful movement, Oscar is a mesmerizing c
D C.
D C.