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Fancy Goldfish fish for sale

11 Fancy Goldfish fish for sale

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Fancy Goldfish fish for sale in Hellingly, Hailsham - Advert 1
1 hour

fantail x veiltail juvenile fancy goldfish

Fancy GoldfishAge: 4 months
I have approximately 11 of these little goldfish available for a new hopefully forever home! the mother is a veiltail fancy, the father is a fan tail. both can be seen in the second video. I don't pla
Heather H.
Fancy Goldfish fish for sale in Canonbury, London - Advert 2
13 hours

Fancy Shubunkin Goldfish

Fancy GoldfishAge: 46 years
Hello there! I have 15 hand raised shubunkin goldfish for sale for £4 each or 3 for £10. There are 5 different colours to choose from - white, olive/black, blue, blue based calico, and white calico.
Esther A.
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Fancy Goldfish fish for sale in Leek Wootton, Warwick - Advert 1
2 weeks

Fancy goldfish

Fancy GoldfishAge: 2 years
2 x calico Oranda 2 x tri colour Orandas and 1 x telescope please message for prices, I will do a deal on multiples price is per fish thank you please note these are currently in a 500l tank an
Chloe B.
Fancy Goldfish fish for sale in Holly Hall, Dudley - Advert 2
2 weeks

3 foot fish tank

Fancy GoldfishAge: 10 months
3 foot fish tank with fish light works of a app on your phone lid has 2 cut out external filter air pump all accessories external filter including
Graham W.
Fancy Goldfish fish for sale in Fishponds, Bristol - Advert 3
3 weeks

rescued Black Moor

Fancy GoldfishAge: 3 months
meet Mizu I rescued mizu from my work place as she was going to be euthanised for having a little white lump on her mouth. Mizu was treated for white sport,fungus etc but after two lots of treatment
Bridie J.
Fancy Goldfish fish for sale in Caterham - Advert 4
3 weeks

Beautiful Goldfish For Sale- Approx 30

Fancy GoldfishAge: 2 years
Sadly due to an imminent house move, we are needing to move our beautiful goldfish to a new home. There are approx. 30, they are all different colours (spotty, gold, black, white, fan tails) around 4
Rachel B.
Fancy Goldfish fish for sale in Waterloo, Poole - Advert 5

Large fancy oranda goldfish

Fancy GoldfishAge: 6 months
I am rehoming my large fancy oranda goldfish as I am closing down my tank and think he would be better off in a new home. He is approximately 4 inches in length so will need a large tank. Serious enq
Emily R.
Fancy Goldfish fish for sale in Ben Rhydding, Ilkley - Advert 6
1 month

2nd hand Bio Orb Tank middle size

Fancy GoldfishAge: 3 years
Fish now re- homed If you want the bio-orb tank and filter it's £20. Have spare new boxed pump and filter unit Inc. In price
Sally K.
Sally K.
Fancy Goldfish fish for sale in Halewood, Liverpool - Advert 7
1 month


Fancy GoldfishAge: 3 years
I have here 7 Ryukin goldfish that have been grown from eggs, some are about 6 inches long but they vary in size see pictures. Some have twin tails they are good quality fish. I will sell individually
Josh F.
Josh F.
Fancy Goldfish fish for sale in Mossley, Ashton-under-Lyne - Advert 8
1 month

koi carp

Fancy GoldfishAge: 9 weeks
4 koi carp for sale ,smallest around 7 inches big 2 over 10 inches, really stunning fish, also 3 large fantails, 1 large goldfish
Jee U.
Fancy Goldfish fish for sale in Beeston Park, Leeds - Advert 9
1 month

Red Cap Oranda

Fancy GoldfishAge: 5 months
Red Cap oranda nice growth and wen coming on roughly 4 months old not sexed. Any questions please ask
Verity S.