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British Longhair kittens for sale in Hull

5 British Longhair kittens for sale in Hull

Known for their plush double coat and round, expressive eyes, British Longhair cats are a popular breed hailed from the United Kingdom. This medium to large sized feline showcases a broad variety of colors, from solid to tabby and colorpoint, with blue being notably recognized. Though visually regal, British Longhairs are equally cherished for their calm, easy-going personality, making them apt companions in various living situations, including multi-pet households and families with children. These cats are also low-maintenance, requiring an average amount of grooming despite their luscious coat. Their playful yet non-demanding demeanor balances their necessity for physical activity, while their affectionate nature underlines their love for human interaction. 

Read our British Longhair Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

British Longhair cats for sale in Brampton Bierlow, Rotherham - Advert 1
2 days

3/4 british girl kitten (ready now )

British LonghairAge: 9 weeks2 male / 1 female
I'm so very pleased to announce our Tasha has given birth to 3 beautiful fur babies. They are very sociable and playfull . Been brought up with Kids and other pets. We have 2 boys and 1 girl available
Kerry H.
Rotherham(45.5 miles away)
British Longhair cats for sale in Saltfleet, Louth - Advert 2
1 week

4 beautiful kittens

British LonghairAge: 4 weeks2 male / 2 female
2 rare beautiful girls, and 2 beautiful boys, ready to leave in around six weeks, long haired ginger kittens. message if interested. price can be negotiated.
nicole w.
Louth(32.1 miles away)
British Longhair cats for sale in Sandal, Wakefield - Advert 3
2 weeks

Blue male British longhair TICA registered

British LonghairAge: 9 weeks1 male
🥇🥇Our gorgeous Stella and stud marhaba Maximus have had 2 beautiful kittens, We have available to Blue longhair male- available All kittens will be ready at 13 weeks following their second va
BearPaw British shorthairs
BearPaw British shorthairs
Wakefield(47.3 miles away)
British Longhair cats for sale in Wakefield - Advert 4
2 weeks

British Longhair

British LonghairAge: 10 weeks1 male / 1 female
British Longhair Kittens, born on 10 March 6 weeks old . Looking to find them their new forever home with a loving family. All kittens are healthy, very playful and have been fed a high quality and va
Wakefield(48.1 miles away)
British Longhair cats for sale in Alverley, Doncaster - Advert 5
1 month

❤ British Longhair Kittens ❤ Gold, Silver ❤

British LonghairAge: 9 weeks1 male / 2 female
British Longhair Kittens. Gold, Silver, Healthy. Mum - Black Silver Chinchilla, British Longhair, Show Cat, TICA registered. Dad - Golden Colour Point, British Longhair, TICA and LCWW Champion 2023. B
SILVA P.ID verified
Doncaster(38 miles away)