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Snowshoe kittens for sale in Lincolnshire

The Snowshoe, also known as the 'Silver Lace', is a striking breed, set apart by its unique coat pattern and brilliant blue eyes. This American-born breed is distinguished by a powerful yet elegant physique, adjustable to various living conditions, making them great for both apartment and house dwellings. Snowshoe cats display a distinctive 'V' facial marking and white 'snow-boot' paws against their primary color variations of seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate points. Their short, glossy coats are minimal shedding, reflecting their moderate grooming needs. Reputed for their smart, playful nature, these cats adapt well in households with children and other pets. These social felines are loving, interactive, and require regular mental stimulation to stay happy and engaged. Their temperament ranges from gentle and placid to active and vocal, making them an entertaining addition to any family.

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