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Canadian Eskimo Dog puppies for sale in London

We found 0 Canadian Eskimo Dog puppies for sale in London.

The Canadian Eskimo Dog, also known as Canadian Husky, Canadian Inuit Dog, Exquimaux Husky, Eskie, looks very similar to a husky and is a pointy breed that originated in the Arctic regions of the world. These handsome dogs are recognised by the Kennel Club and over the years, although their numbers are still small here in the UK, they are becoming a popular choice with people who are familiar with the breed and enjoy competing with dog teams. The Canadian Eskimo Dog is often called Qimmiqs and has great stamina, having been bred to pull sledges over long distances in difficult conditions and arctic terrain. They are true working dogs, not pets, and are highly prized in Greenland, where a renewed interest in cultural heritage has saved the breed from extinction.

Read our Canadian Eskimo Dog Buying Advice page for information on this dog breed.

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