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Patterjack puppies for sale in London

We found 0 Patterjack puppies for sale in London.

The Patterjack, a lively hybrid between the Patterdale Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier, is recognized for its resilient spirit and intriguing character. Representing the best traits of both parents, these dogs come in an array of colors, comprising black, chocolate, red, and tan, often punctuated by white markings. Recognized for their compact, muscular stature, Patterjacks showcase a short, coarse coat.Patterjacks embody a perfect balance of curiosity and intelligence, making them excellent companions, especially for individuals who lead an active lifestyle. With their boundless energy, they require adequate exercise to maintain overall well-being.Their keen intelligence paired with their innate tenacity makes them highly trainable, yet occasionally stubborn breed. Patterjack Dogs make an exceptional fit for households seeking a playful and hardy little dog.

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