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Pomeranian puppies for sale in Glasgow

5 Pomeranian puppies for sale in Glasgow

The Pomeranian dog, also known as 'Pom', 'Pom Pom', 'Zwers,' or 'German Toy Spitz,' is cherished for its lively and playful nature. Originating from Poland and Germany, they showcase a thick, fluffy coat available in various colors, including white, black, brown, red, orange, cream, blue, or multi-colored. Their distinctive plume tail arches over their back, contributing to their fox-like appearance. Despite their small size, these toy dogs possess a bold, confident personality and high intelligence, making them well-suited for agility and obedience training. Pomeranians come in two sizes: standard and miniature, both requiring regular grooming due to their dense double coats. They're sociable and inject enthusiasm into family life as active participants. With a solid understanding of their temperament, training, grooming, and exercise needs, owning a Pomeranian can be truly delightful. 

Read our Pomeranian Buying Advice page for information on this dog breed.

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Pomeranian dogs for sale in Kirkmuirhill, Lanark - Advert 1
Licensed Breeder
8 hours

Only 2 girls left!

PomeranianAge: 9 weeks1 male / 5 female
Here we have a litter of amazing quality Pomeranian puppies. Both parents are excellent examples of the breed. (Pics of parents in advert) The pups have short noses and thick fluffy coats. If you are
Chivago pups
Lanark(19.7 miles away)
Licensed Breeder
All adverts
Pomeranian dogs for sale in Stonehouse, Larkhall - Advert 1
6 days

Pomeranians For Sale

PomeranianAge: 6 weeks1 male / 3 female
Here we have 5 beautiful pomeranian puppies looking for their forever home. These are 5 weeks old and are thriving. All born naturally and mum self whelped. We have…. 4x girls 1x boy Your baby wil
Larkhall(15.7 miles away)
Pomeranian dogs for sale in Dalmuir, Clydebank - Advert 2
2 weeks

AMAZING Tiny Pomeraniana Female🌸🥇Best lines 🥇

PomeranianAge: 1 year1 female
XXS Pomeranian female 🌸 Her coat is outstanding 🐻 A lot of champions in the pedigree🧬 🌸Incredible female with very thick coat, she is super fluffy. She has a nice short muzzle and is small in si
Perfect Poms A.
Perfect Poms A.
Clydebank(7.3 miles away)
Pomeranian dogs for sale in Holytown, Motherwell - Advert 3
2 weeks

Cute Teacup Pomeranians 1 boy & 1 girl left

PomeranianAge: 11 weeks2 male / 1 female
Our KC registered Pomeranian girl had litter of 3 healthy and adorable puppies with black Russian blood Pomeranian. 8 weeks old teacup teddy bear Pomeranian puppies for sale ready to go to 5* homes. P
Dom M.
Dom M.
Motherwell(10.7 miles away)
Pomeranian dogs for sale in Newarthill, Motherwell - Advert 4
1 month

Pomeranian puppies ( Boy sold )

PomeranianAge: 13 weeks1 male / 1 female
Very tiny and gorgeous pure Pomeranian puppies looking for their forever home. The puppies are very friendly, active and adventurous. They loves to roam around and explore as well as enjoy spending ti
LilitaID verified
Motherwell(12.9 miles away)