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Hamster rodents for sale in Preston

11 Hamster rodents for sale in Preston

Hamster rodents for sale in Old Swan, Liverpool - Advert 1
3 days

Syrian hamster

HamsterAge: 1 yearFemale
1 year old syrian hamster, can come with cage and accessories. She is absolutely gorgeous and so friendly, my daughter unfortunately doesn't have the time to dedicate to her she needs the best home wi
Kelly l.
Liverpool(25.3 miles away)
Hamster rodents for sale in Hyde Park, Leeds - Advert 2
1 week

Sweet female Syrian hamster

HamsterAge: 6 monthsFemale
Bought her when she was 8 weeks old from pets at home, she was being bullied by other hamsters in the shop so is a little jumpy and scared. I work night shifts so sometimes I don’t see her for a long
Krissy S.
Krissy S.
Leeds(46.7 miles away)
Hamster rodents for sale in Openshaw, Manchester - Advert 3
1 week

Syrian hamsters - friendly and handled

HamsterAge: 4 monthsMixed
Short hared £15 Long haired £20 Dalmation £20 I have some long and short haired Syrian hamsters available. These are beautiful hamsters all have been handled and played with. Long haired hamsters ar
HannagraceID verified
Manchester(29.3 miles away)
Hamster rodents for sale in Cowling, Keighley - Advert 4
1 week

Hamster for sale

HamsterAge: 11 monthsMale
Purchased from a breeder last year. Spent a fortune making his enclosure. Nite angel wheel. Muilti chamber hide plus more. He’s a lovely little man he just does not get up before 11.30pm so getting to
Claire M.
Keighley(28.5 miles away)
Hamster rodents for sale in Overthorpe, Dewsbury - Advert 5
1 week

Prince hamster 🐹

HamsterAge: 6 monthsMale
This is my hamster his name is prince getting rid as I work too much so I don’t have much time to attend to him he needs a loving home he comes with a cage & sawdust everything he needs only serious p
Paula H.
Dewsbury(44.5 miles away)
Hamster rodents for sale in Fazakerley, Liverpool - Advert 6
1 week

Female Hamster and Cage

HamsterAge: 1 yearFemale
**For Sale: Friendly Tame Hamster - Hammy** Meet Hammy, a delightful and affectionate hamster looking for a loving new home! Hammy is a social and tame little furball, perfect for individuals or fami
Bex R.
Bex R.
Liverpool(23.1 miles away)
Hamster rodents for sale in Mill Hill, Blackburn - Advert 7
2 weeks

Boy hamster

HamsterAge: 15 weeksMale
I am selling our little hamster Hes a boy Hes 3 months old Hes got everything included: cage, food, bedding Perfect for a first pet Can deliver depending on where. For a delivery charge
Toni C.
Blackburn(8.3 miles away)
Hamster rodents for sale in Hazel Grove, Stockport - Advert 8
2 weeks

Hamster cage / enclosure

HamsterAge: 10 weeksFemale
Dwarf hamster enclosure selling all for £100! Complete set up you only need to buy your hamster and possibly some soft carefresh bedding DIY enclosure I made this myself it measures 80x35cm each lev
Stockport(34.8 miles away)
Hamster rodents for sale in Radcliffe, Manchester - Advert 9
2 weeks

Mixed sex Syrian hamsters

HamsterAge: 9 weeksMale
They are all eating and drinking good they are friendly I can pick them up looking for a loving home. Syrian Hamsters need to live on there own.
RACHAEL W.ID verified
Manchester(20.6 miles away)
Hamster rodents for sale in Heaton, Bradford - Advert 10
2 weeks

Dwarf hamster for sale - with cage

HamsterAge: 3 monthsMale
Cage is worth £100. Only had for a few months. Comes with hamster house , ladders and plates. Plus few toys Hamster is trained to sit in your hand and eat
Ismaeel H.
Ismaeel H.
Bradford(37.5 miles away)
Hamster rodents for sale in Low Moor, Bradford - Advert 11
1 month

Dwarf hamster

HamsterAge: 7 monthsMale
Friendly dwarf hamster , dosent bite , has been handled , only selling as I don’t have time for him
Lilly K.
Lilly K.
Bradford(38.4 miles away)