Aaron G.
London, South East London
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May 2019
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Zebra diano 1

London, South East London
Have one zebra diano. Healthy and has very nice colours had for a little while. The other dianos died so only got him left he’s a community fish needs to be tropical has to be with of community fish and they prefer to be with there own kind. £3
  6 days ago
Mollies for sale 1

London, South East London
Hi every body have mollies for sale many different colours please text for pics and sizes and colours £2 each as very beautiful and a high graded fish
  7 days ago
African convict ciclids 1

London, South East London
Hi everybody got African convict cichlids here. Have many different Sizes and colours Eg white , black striped , patterns. Please ask as I have more fish for sale there £1 each.
  11 days ago
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