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Holly T.
Mexborough, South Yorkshire
Member Since
Sep 2020
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Breeder / Frequent Advertiser

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7 days ago

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Local Authority
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (View Website)

Current Pet Adverts
'ChamGirls' currently has the following 7 pet listings.
House Geckos 1

House Geckos

Mexborough, South Yorkshire
Wc house geckos. All adults. Priced at ?4 each. Multiples available. Ln:202000140. Doncaster Council
  18 days ago
Malaysian Cat Gecko Pair 4

Malaysian Cat Gecko Pair

Mexborough, South Yorkshire
LTC malaysian cat gecko male and female adult pair. Female is a big girl and male has some stunning pattern. LN:202000140 Doncaster Council
  19 days ago
Adult Moroccan Uromastyx 5

Adult Moroccan Uromastyx

Mexborough, South Yorkshire
Adult moroccan uromastyx. Big male who is a proven breeder. Very friendly and tame with excellent colours of greens and black. Age unknown. LN:202000140 Doncaster Counci
  19 days ago
CB21 Red Eye Tree Frogs 2

Cb21 Red Eye Tree Frogs

Mexborough, South Yorkshire
CB20 Red Eyed Tree Frogs. Currently around 2-2.5cm and eating small crickets. LN: 202000140 Doncaster Counci
  19 days ago
CB20 Anaconda het Snow Hognose Snake 2

Cb20 Anaconda Het Snow Hognose Snake

Mexborough, South Yorkshire
CB20 male anaconda hognose. 100% het albino 66% het axanthic (snow). Feeding on frozen thawed pinkie mice. LN:202000140 Doncaster Council
  1 month ago
CB20 Striped Anaconda 66,% het Toffeebelly 3

Cb20 Striped Anaconda 66, Het Toffeebelly

Mexborough, South Yorkshire
Male striped anaconda hognose. CB20 and he is 66% het toffeebelly. Stunning pattern. Feeding on frozen thawed pinkies. LN:202000140 Doncaster Council
  1 month ago
Cb20 Plummed Basilisks 4

Cb20 Plummed Basilisks

Mexborough, South Yorkshire
Cb20 plummed basilisks (basiliscus plumifrons) Still unsexed due to size. Grow quite large and spectacular to look at. Feeding on locusts and crickets LN202000140 Doncaster Council
  1 month ago
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