Abby T.
Mexborough, South Yorkshire
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Feb 2015
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Ambilobe panther chameleons 1

Ambilobe Panther Chameleons

Mexborough, South Yorkshire
Male and female panther chameleons available. All showing amazing colours and eat everything. Raised under t5 lighting. Aged 17weeks and females are 15weeks. Males are priced at 185 and females 70
  6 days ago
Witblits and Hypo trans bearded dragons 3

Witblits And Hypo Trans Bearded Dragons

Mexborough, South Yorkshire
I have a few baby bearded dragons available. Morphs and prices are as follows. More pictures and information can be sent on request. They have been raised under t5 lighting and are eating a diet of supplemented crickets, locusts, dubai roach nymphs and fresh greens and weeds. Normals het h
  9 days ago
CB18 Jacksons chameleons 4

Cb18 Jacksons Chameleons

Mexborough, South Yorkshire
Cb18 jackson chameleons. (Jacksoni xantholophus) Feeding supplemented crickets, locusts and roaches and raised undet t5 lighting. Very friendly chameleons. Males and females available and can do pairs from unrelated clutches. Males- ?140 Females ?120
  9 days ago
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