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Mark M.
Oldham, Greater Manchester
Member Since
Oct 2016
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Breeder / Frequent Advertiser

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14 hours ago

Current Pet Adverts
'Mark M.' currently has the following 4 pet listings.
Stunning sand boas 2

Stunning Sand Boas

Oldham, Greater Manchester
50% Dodoma sand boas Dodoma are a very rare sand boa from Tanzania they can no longer be exported from that country and are now only captive bred they are special animals with very bright colours compared to normal sand boas Males £65 Females £75 Manchester collection May
  11 days ago
Baby Yeman Chameleons 1

Baby Yeman Chameleons

Oldham, Greater Manchester
Baby Yeman Chameleons ready now Feeding great always kept under high quality UVB Males £55 Females £45 Selling fast delivery possible at buyers expense
  17 days ago
Baby leopard geckos BEST around 15

Baby Leopard Geckos Best Around

Oldham, Greater Manchester
Best quality baby leopard geckos perfect health and condition amazing colours Handle well feed perfectly amazing animals Males £35 Females £55 High yellow Mack snow Hypo Mack snow Tremper albino Albino Mack snow Bell albino Hypo Jungle Baldy carrot tail Hybino trempe
  1 month ago
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