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UPDATE: 19/2/19- in hoggles litter we have some top eared and dumbos. black and blues.
7 males & 7 females.

UPDATED: 13/2/19- hoggle successfully had 15 little ones and all are doing so well!!
Will be checking there heath tonight also will know what are males and females!

UPDATED: 10/2/19- all babies have been reserved! But hoggle is due to have her first litter on Tuesday the 12th of February which we are expecting quite a few and her baby post will be up on the 26th of February! In the mean time feel free to enquire and thank you for all the enquires for binky’s litter!

UPDATE: 9/2/19- 5 females still available email/call/text at any time 😊

UPDATE: 8/2/19- all males have been reserved.

UPDATE: 7/2/19- 2 males and 5 females avalible. 3 females will have to go as a trio

Please take note if you call on a private or unknown number we will not answer! Only serious callers please thank you!

Hello everyone!

We have a litter available on the 6th March.
Currently 2 weeks old today.
Born on Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

We are taking deposits & reservations for them now.


This is binky (mum) 3rd litter.
This is blue (Dad) 5th litter.

Binky had 9 babies. 4 males and 5 females all are different colours and markings so you can tell them all apart.
This will be binky’s last litter so she will now be retired. She’s done us proud she had 12 babies in her first litter (all survived) 9 in her second (all survived)
& 9 in her third (all survived). We didn’t expect this many in her third litter but she’s surprised us as always.

All of our litters have been bred from our personal pets who have been carefully selected for breeding.
They have all been bred and reared from our own home.
All litters have been handled after 24 hours of birth and handled every other day up until sold.
They are all very sociable and tame. All of them have lovely temperaments and are all very friendly.

The health and temperaments of all our rats is very important to us this is why we handle them as much as we can before they go to their new homes. We feel this plays a very important part in their growth from birth.

All babies will be treated with xeno 50 mini spot on to prevent them from infestations, parasites, including lice, mites and ticks.

This is something we have introduced to prevent these certain things occurring.
All babies will be treated at 5 weeks old.

Our babies will be rehomed from 6-8 weeks old and will NOT BE SOLD SEPARATELY!!! only in pairs or trios.

We will be taking deposits on any reserved from today, due to people letting us down on previous occasions this way we can be sure you are committed to the little ones and your deposit holds them until collected on a date of your convenience.

If you would like to arrange a visit to our house to view the babies before you make a decision then feel free to ask and we will accommodate you. There will be a small fee to view our rats which will be reimbursed on the day of your visit. This is due to prank callers and fake interest. We are busy people and wasting our time is unfair on genuine interested potential buyers.

Please feel free to contact At anytime If you have any questions or enquiries.

Text/email or call at your convenience and I will get back to you with in the hour.

Thank you
Lauren & Simon

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