8 Dogs Built for Speed

8 Dogs Built for Speed

When it comes to showing a turn of speed, greyhounds can leave the rest of the pack way behind eating dust. But there are other breeds that are capable upping the pace and built for speed which surprisingly includes the gorgeous little and always determined Jack Russell. Here are the fastest breeds on the planet that have delighted spectators for centuries whether out hunting or on the track.

The Swifter than Swift Saluki

Saluki are, in fact, cousins of the Greyhound, they have that same elegance and stature that means they stand out in the crowd. Salukis made it into the Guinness Book of Records in 1996 when one of them was clocked running at a speed close to 43 mph. It's thought that over longer distances than a mile, the Saluki might even be faster than a Greyhound. There speed is helped by their ultra padded feet which helps absorb the impact as they hit the ground. Salukis are known for their stamina and endurance. They were originally bred in Ancient Egypt and happen to be one of the oldest breeds on the planet, with records of this elegant and ultra fast dog dating back to 7,000 BC.

The Racy Whippet

It's thought that Whippets came about by crossing Greyhounds with Italian Greyhounds and Terriers in the 19th century. They became known as the “poor man's racehorse” when the working man started racing Whippets against each other. These slender, elegant canines were often referred to as “snap dogs” because of the speed with which they snapped up any rabbits they chased for their owners. These days, Whippets are considered as one of the fastest breeds on the planet and have been known to clock speeds of 36 mph. Amazingly a Whippet can run 200 yards in under 12 seconds!

The Very Speedy Vizsla

The Vizsla is a handsome dog with a lean, athletic body and they are more than capable of beating most other dogs in a 1 mile race. The breed originally comes from Hungary and are often confused with Rhodesian Ridgebacks or Redbone Coonhounds. The Vizsla is one of the older breeds which can boast a turn of speed both on land and on the water. They are very quick on their feet with the added bonus of being able to turn quickly at speeds too!

The Perfect Marathon Runner – The Alaskan Husky

Originally bred to pull a sled in remote frozen areas of the planet to deliver goods and much needed supplies, the Alaskan Husky is a handsome canine that boasts being one of the best marathon runners around. The breed is renowned for its endurance and stamina with people relying on their prowess in many remote and very cold areas of the world. The breed was originally developed by crossing “Spitz-type” dogs native to villages with the faster, more sporting hounds, namely the German Short-haired Pointer and the Greyhound. Alaskan huskies are built to deal with the ultra cold temperatures with they thick coats and rather stocky bodies being ideal to do just that. However, they have been clocked running at 28 mph but the breed really excels when they are in a team pulling a sled. Alaskan Huskies can easily average speeds of around 10 mph for long periods of time over snowy terrains!

Built for Cornering With an Amazing Turn of Speed – The Border Collie

When it comes to speed and superb cornering, it would be hard for any other breed to match the Border Collie. These workaholic canines are built to run fast and to make fast turns, they are extremely alert and quick off the mark too. This lovely breed is renowned for their intelligence as well as their need to be out there working but they are also one of the fastest breeds in the canine world. They are built for speed whilst all the while staying in complete control even when they have to turn - which is why they are such brilliant agility dogs. Border Collies have been clocked doing speeds of around 30 mph and some people believe that they are even capable of beating the “King” of speed in the canine world, the Greyhound!

The Fast Footed Guard Dog – The Doberman Pinscher

The gorgeous Doberman Pinscher was first bred by a tax collector back in the 1800s and he used them as body guards as he made his round collecting money from the people of the land. These canines are powerful, they are muscular and very fast on their feet which means people like to keep them as guard dogs.

These lovely looking black and tan dogs have been known to accelerate to speeds of anything up to 30 mph and they are intensely loyal dogs who will protect property and their owners without any hesitation whatsever.

The Rapid, Often Stubborn Jack Russell Terrier

Often referred to as a Parson Terrier in the States, the Jack Russell earned themselves the reputation of being fierce and stubborn hunters. These little dogs are incredibly confident canines with a tenacity to catch what they set out to get. They have an amazing turn of speed and stamina for a dog of this size and they can easily reach speeds of up to 25 mph even if only in shorter bursts!

The King of Speed – The Greyhound

Tall, lean and muscular in stature, the Greyhound is the king of speed. They can easily reach speeds of up to 45 mph and have delighted man for decades both as hunting dogs and on the track. However, Greyhounds are real softies too and love to lounge around which has earned them the reputation in some countries of being 45 mph couch potatoes!


If you are considering adopting one of the above dog breeds, remember these dogs love to run which means they need loads of exercise and outdoor activity to keep them happy and healthy. They all make ideal choices for people who lead active, busy, outdoor lives which their canine friends can take part in.



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