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Mixed Breed birds for sale

15 Mixed Breed birds for sale

Mixed Breed birds for sale in Allenton, Derby - Advert 1
5 days

2023 Young Conure Friendly

Mixed BreedAge: 4 monthsMixed
Young 2023 Conure looking for a new home comes with the cage and some seed to keep it going. It is semi tame as it doesn't bite and he is quite calm once settled into a new home I had him on my hand w
KieranID verified
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Allenton, Derby - Advert 2
6 days

Semi Tame Rosa Bourke Male

Mixed BreedAge: 15 weeksMale
Semi Tame Rosa Bourke around 4-5 months old very friendly likes to come out cage when he wants. If you try and put hand in cage he does get scared as that's his home. But soon as he comes out he likes
KieranID verified
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Southend-on-Sea - Advert 3
6 days

White Orpington chicks

Mixed BreedAge: 10 weeksMixed
They’re healthy chicks.white Orpington large Fowl. Age 2 month 8day old.I never use vaccine.I always use home made medicine for them.Total 8 chicks.(Hen and rooster)case in hand. only collection Each
RUBENA B.ID verified
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Rayleigh - Advert 4
6 days

beautiful rooster for sale

Mixed BreedAge: 4 monthsMale
I have this beautiful rooster is a lovely breed. Beautiful colours for sale must go as I had 2 roosters born from the same batch. Looking for a good home, not for a Christmas dinner 🤦
Lee N.
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Westwood, Peterborough - Advert 5
1 week

Cute baby birds/parrots

Mixed BreedAge: 4 monthsMixed
Hi I have range of baby birds available and j also have older birds for sale they range from parrots to cockatiels to budgies, love birds, diamond doves and canaries they’re all looking for there fore
Harry l.
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Minster on Sea, Sheerness - Advert 6
1 week

Sebastopol Geese for Sale mixed

Mixed BreedAge: 10 monthsMixed
We have both male and female birds, some as bonded pairs. We have smooth breasted (fancy backs); smooth and frizzle, all in white; we have a pair of buff smooth breasted and one male grey smooth brea
Jeannie S.
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Tokers Green, Reading - Advert 7
1 week

Adult Coturnix Quails

Mixed BreedAge: 13 weeksMixed
2-month-old Coturnix Quails (male and female). They are healthy happy birds. They are tropical birds and need a heat lamp on and a temperature over 18 degrees. If anyone is interested let me know. Qua
Queeny D.
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Blackpool Airport, Blackpool - Advert 8
2 weeks


Mixed BreedAge: 5 yearsFemale
female Lanner falcon looking for a new home she won’t go to just anybody and you must have experience we do also have a male we will ask for proof of setup ect
Bailey J.
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Hanworth, Feltham - Advert 9
3 weeks

2 cock quail

Mixed BreedAge: 3 weeksMixed
Hi I'm selling my 2 cock quail both healthy and looking for a new home they are about 15 months old
TINO C.ID verified
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Fallings Park, Wolverhampton - Advert 10
1 month

Conures. Lineolated. Canaries

Mixed BreedAge: 3 monthsMixed
I have some lovely health baby birds that l have bred myself looking for new homes steady birds ready for training doesn't take long at this age collection from wolverhampton no spare cages available
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Dollis Hill, London - Advert 11
1 month

quail for sale

Mixed BreedAge: 5 weeksMixed
The quail for sale and baby for sale and young for sale and eggs for sale and I have pigeons for sale the pigeons from Syria
Abdalsalam A.
Abdalsalam A.
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Tilehurst, Reading - Advert 12
1 month

Cockatiels, Budgies and Rosellas

Mixed BreedAge: 1 yearMixed
I have following for sale: 2 pairs of Cockatiels. One bonded pair £130 for a pair or £70 each. Lutino tame female cockatiel for £100. 1 bonded pair of budgies and one male budgie £25 each budgie or £
Raheel S.
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Glinton, Peterborough - Advert 13
1 month

Ring neck pair and lovebird pair

Mixed BreedAge: 9 monthsMixed
beautiful semi tamed 8 month baby ringneck pair perfect age to tame selling due to we have other birds too and I can’t give them enough time fit and heathy DNA tested Ringneck pair £400 lovebird bea
Ruby K.
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Walesby, Newark - Advert 14
1 month

Barn Owls

Mixed BreedMixed
Young imprinted Barn Owls.Ready for there new homes.Comes with A10s.We have Males and Females Price not negotiable
Lynn F.
Lynn F.
Mixed Breed birds for sale in Bilston - Advert 15
1 month

2x pair of budgies

Mixed BreedAge: 11 monthsMale
hi I have 2x pairs of budgies looking for new homes nice colours all Mite free text me or what apps me
Ben Eglington
Ben Eglington