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Caledonian wolfalike puppies for sale in London

The Caledonian Wolfalike, formerly known as the "British Utonagan", is a relatively new breed. Founded by the Caledonian Wolfalike Association (CWA) in 2007, the association aimed to enhance the Utonagan's health, temperament, and conformation by imposing stringent breeding guidelines and transparency in health testing. Their journey saw the successful incorporation of breeds like the Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Northern Inuit, and Tamaskan, ensuring genetic diversity and reflecting the wolf's natural form. Today's Caledonian Wolfalike showcases a majestic, wolf-like appearance complemented by dense, weather-resistant fur. They are versatile in coat shades, ranging from black to white. Known for their intelligence, independence, and affection, they thrive in interactive environments and require consistent mental and physical engagement. Potential adopters should weigh their ability to meet the breed's active needs.

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