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Dachshund puppies for sale in Dorset

9 Dachshund puppies for sale in Dorset

Dachshund, often referred to as 'weiner dogs', 'sausage dogs' or 'badger dogs', is a breed known for its distinctive, elongated shape. Originating from Germany where they were bred to hunt rabbits, badgers and wounded game, the Dachshund comes in three varieties: short-haired (smooth), long-haired, and wire-haired and two sizes: standard (16-32 lbs) and miniature (under 11 lbs). These energetic dogs possess coats in a multitude of colors including cream, red, black, chocolate, and combinations with various patterns. Often lively and affectionate, Doxies have a reputation for being bold and somewhat stubborn, yet this adds to their unique charm making them ideal, engaging companions. Though small, a Dachshund requires regular exercise due to its energy levels and to maintain a healthy weight. They are intelligent, trainable, and possess a strong sense of smell, being originally bred for hunting.

Read our Dachshund Buying Advice page for information on this dog breed.

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Dachshund dogs for sale in Kingsbury Episcopi, Martock - Advert 1
Licensed Breeder
14 hours

Christmas Day delights

DachshundAge: 10 weeks3 female
Stunning true to type miniature dachshunds kennel club registered PRA clear. Mummy is 4 years old and has a fantastic temperament she has been a wonderful mother but now sadly her puppies have to go t
Katie C.ID verified
Martock(26.9 miles away)
Licensed Breeder
Dachshund dogs for sale in Bovington, Wareham - Advert 2
19 hours

READY NOW Standard Dachshund Puppy instalments

DachshundAge: 7 weeks4 male / 1 female
READY NOW 3 LEFT Dam is black and tan very well show bred. Sire is red brindle a beautiful vibrant colour show boy crufts qualified. picture of his dad Blacky a Champion. £200 deposit secures your pu
SARAH H.ID verified
Wareham(4.8 miles away)
All adverts
Dachshund dogs for sale in Brympton, Yeovil - Advert 1
1 day

Midi Dachshund Puppies

DachshundAge: 6 weeks
Our beautiful Mila has given birth to her first litter, and we have been blessed with an enormous litter of 10 puppies! Mum has taken to her newborns so lovingly and we are incredibly proud of how we
Lindsay H.
Lindsay H.
Yeovil(20.6 miles away)
Dachshund dogs for sale in Parkstone, Poole - Advert 2
4 days

Stunning GREY , dachshund puppy BOY for sale

DachshundAge: 11 weeks2 male / 1 female
GREY BOY ONLY (green collor) Litter: High quality Isabella brown 1x boy 1x girl. 1 Grey boy - 8 weeks ( 7 smooth haired litter in total) . They are now available for rehoming. Fully weaned. Both Da
LAUA V.ID verified
Poole(17.2 miles away)
Dachshund dogs for sale in Chapelhay, Weymouth - Advert 3
6 days

Daschund miniature

DachshundAge: 9 weeks5 female
Our beautiful Nela has given birth on 30.12.2023 first litter of 5 puppiee 5 girls. She is amazing dark chocolate, smooth hair miniature and dad Sire K C register stud brow/chocolate ( PRA cl
Agi P.
Agi P.
Weymouth(10.6 miles away)
Dachshund dogs for sale in Upton, Poole - Advert 4
2 weeks

Mini Smooth 6 month old pup

DachshundAge: 7 months1 male / 1 female
This super cute little lap dog is looking for a new home through no fault of his own. Fine with children, dogs, cats, chickens etc. For more info please call.
Teresa C.
Poole(13.9 miles away)
Dachshund dogs for sale in Wyke, Gillingham - Advert 5
2 weeks

Standard long hair dachshund puppies

DachshundAge: 8 weeks1 male / 4 female
Beautiful long haired dachshund puppies from sable mother and Black and Tan father. All well socialised and handled in a very loving home with mum and dad both present. In stout good health, all very
Laura R.
Laura R.
Gillingham(20.8 miles away)
Dachshund dogs for sale in Chard - Advert 6
3 weeks

miniature dachshund puppies

DachshundAge: 14 weeks1 male / 2 female
these puppies are now fully vaccinated and ready for their new homes. have been socialising with our other dogs as well as ur cats and young children. Parsnip our lovely family dog has had a litter
Rosie C.
Chard(28.7 miles away)
Dachshund dogs for sale in Ludwell, Shaftesbury - Advert 7
1 month

Standard Smooth KC reg. All sold now!

DachshundAge: 4 months3 male / 1 female
All our puppies have now found lovely homes. Thank you for your interest and of course good luck to our puppies. We now only have a bitch puppy remaining. We are keen to find a home for her soon be
Anthony H.
Shaftesbury(21.2 miles away)