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Kishu dog puppies for sale in Merseyside

We found 0 Kishu dog puppies for sale in Merseyside.

The Kishu Ken, also known as Kishu Inu, originates from Japan and is revered for its steadfast loyalty, exceptional hunting capabilities, and durable makeup. This medium-to-large breed boasts a compact, muscular frame, perfect for navigating rough terrains. Their dense double coats, predominantly white but sometimes appearing in brindle or sesame, are a testament to their love for outdoor escapades. Although Kishus often come across as reserved, they carry a serene, even-tempered demeanor and form profound bonds with their human counterparts. Their strong-willed nature makes them less suitable for households with multiple pets, especially due to their dominant tendencies towards other dogs. Their sharp intellect and driven disposition make training relatively straightforward, yet they resonate best with owners who respect their innate instincts and value for autonomy.

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